The Bachelor season 24, episode 5 spoiled recap: Scarface Pete

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Off to Costa Rica

The reaction is markedly different from Cleveland. Can’t imagine why. Unlike Cleveland, Costa Rica is legit stunning and a place people actually want to go!

The b-roll is really beautiful. Honestly, drop us off at this resort in Costa Rica. Peter can cry on the street about his confusion for weeks. We’ll be at the cabana.

Kelley says she is excited to travel, and she’s been to 26 countries, but she’s just tired. She wants to get time with Peter but honestly is just here to have fun. Despite a rocky start in episode one, Kelley has really simmered down and become a calm, cool, and collected queen.

Peter tells his scar story and we’re actually laughing out loud. Point to Peter for leaning into his humorous injury…he just needs to refrain from leaning into golf carts. This reenactment is television gold. Which intern got to play Pinhead Pete? This scene is indeed what Lizzie McGuire was referring to when she said this is what dreams are made of.

Chris in the golf cart three mimosas deep: Peter, dammit, I planned this day three months ago upon hearing we were heading to Costa Rica.