The Bachelor season 24, episode 4 spoiled recap: Still hung up on the Browns

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Welp, things are getting sufficiently awkward.

Deandra and Natasha both vocalize that they are frustrated with Peter and felt disrespected. It’s clear why Hannah Ann and Madison make it to the end: they’re the only ones not telling Peter that he’s tacky and they hate him. Peter once again looks like a man who cannot handle this situation whatsoever. He gives a limp, half-assed apology.

He says he feels like he’s doing it all wrong and messing up. Peter, here’s a The Bachelor pro-tip you should have learned from Hannah Brown: tell these girls to stay in their freaking lanes and stop wasting everyone’s time on this nonsense.

He pulls Victoria P. off to the side, and she says she doesn’t want to talk to him right now. We notice there’s a ton of familiarity there like they’re already married and she’s over his shit.

This petty drama is exhausting. It’s truly been 84 years.

When Peter talks to Alayah, she starts to cry about how maligned she is in the house. In his ITMs, Peter makes it clear he pretty much believes whomever he is with in the moment, and cannot determine who is lying to him. Folks, this is a man in WAY over his head.

This episode of The Bachelor ends and we get to do this whole rigamarole again for FIVE HOURS next week. Jesus take the wheel.

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Are you team Alayah or Victoria P.? Team Chase or Victoria F.? We love mess on The Bachelor.