The Bachelor season 24, episode 4 spoiled recap: Still hung up on the Browns

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Kelsey’s one-on-one

Despite the champagne drama, Kelsey is remarkably chill when Peter tells her he has allowed Alayah back to the show. She responds with a Tyler C.-esque speech about wanting Peter to do whatever it is he needs to do so he doesn’t have any what-ifs if he ends up picking her (seriously, we’re pretty sure Tyler said these exact words in his post-show interviews).

Peter and Kelsey romp around town and end up going go-kart racing. Racing is maybe too strong of a word since they are moving at a glacial pace. This date seems fun and all, but we’re not seeing a lot of chemistry between these two. Kelsey makes it to the Top 4 so we assume he likes her, but we’re not seeing much there on the date.

During the evening portion, Kelsey tells Peter about her parents’ divorce. While any divorce is traumatic for the children involved, Kelsey also shares that she found out before her mother did because her dad WROTE A LETTER and left it on the counter????

Peter shares a story about his mother and grandmother immigrating from Cuba, the two watch fireworks, and it’s all very cute.

Back at the house, Victoria F. is, understandably, upset that Alayah has told the girls about Chase, and shows that she is NOT the one to be messed with. She tells Alayah off with wine in hand, and we’re here for it.