The Bachelorette episode 4 spoilers: Who goes home tonight in Park City, Utah?


Three guys go home on The Bachelorette episode 4 after spending time with Becca in Park City, Utah.

Becca’s guys finally get to leave the mansion this week – hooray for free travel! All 18 guys will be doing their best to convince Becca to keep them around another week when they find out next week’s dates will be in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, three guys will go home after the Park City, Utah dates this week, but maybe they can score a free flight to Paradise. Here’s what happens during tonight’s episode…

There are two one-on-one dates this week and one group date this week. Before the guys travel to Park City, fans will see the cocktail party and rose ceremony that didn’t air last week. Two guys will be eliminated and we have no idea who they are — Ryan Peterson and Mike Renner.

Off to Park City

Wills and Garrett get this week’s one-on-one dates.

Wills shows off his snowmobiling skills with Becca (he gets a rose!). He tops our “awesome contestant” list — that means he won’t get the final rose. The lead never seems to pick the guys we like!

Garrett will further prove he’s Becca’s frontrunner. There are dozens of pictures of their date online — there’s no doubt Becca is totally smitten. Of course, he gets a rose.

The rest of Becca’s guy go on a lumberjack group date. It’s just an opportunity for the guys to break things and wear flannel. Here’s a sneak peek…

After Becca’s dates, the guys head to the cocktail party where they will an enjoy endless amount of free booze and whine about not getting enough time with The Bachelorette.

The party comes to an end and yet another rose ceremony begins. Three guys will go home (crying, of course) — Nick, Christon, and Jean Blanc.

It’s safe to say without Jean Blanc there, the guys will no longer have access to great cologne. We don’t really remember Nick or Christon, so … bye, boys!

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Next week, Bachelorette Becca and her 15 remaining guys head to Las Vegas where they will sit in a hotel room waiting for a date card. It’s a bummer they can’t gamble.

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