Bachelorette 2018 contestant sued after ‘brutal fight’ — does Becca know?

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Photo Credit: The Bachelorette/ABC /

Bachelorette Becca’s guys were supposedly screened before joining the cast, but what’s the deal with contestant Alex Templeman’s court case?

Becca Kufrin has plenty of guys to choose from on her season of The Bachelorette, but does she know everything about them? Probably not. Considering she doesn’t have time for long conversations with each contestant, Becca may end up learning some dirty details after filming wraps up.

Although contestants go through testing and a background check, at least one guy from Becca’s season — Alex Templeman — has some explaining to do about a court case he’s involved in.

Who is Alex Templeman and what’s the deal with his court case?

We’re rooting for Becca to find Mr. Right, but we’re not sure contestant Alex Templeman is the one. Alex is reportedly getting sued for $2.5 million in an assault/battery case and that sounds like something Becca doesn’t need in her life.

Alex is a 31-year-old project manager from Atlanta, Georgia. He also takes selfies by an open toilet and his Instagram username is “Captain Colgate.” Let that sink in for a moment and then we’ll chat about his legal battle.

According to Radar Online, Alex is being sued for $2.5 million for allegedly “brutally assaulting” a friend, Salvatore Nappo. At this point, we’ll call Salvatore a former friend.

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According to Salvatore’s attorney, Alex was “making derogatory comments to him over text and then he brutally assaulted him … He got the hell beat out of him. He busted open his eye socket, leaving it fractured. His nose was busted up pretty bad.”

Ouch. That sounds terrible. Let’s hope he stays calm during the rose ceremonies!

Radar goes on to say that Salvatore is suing Alex for $2.5 million to “cover medical expenses” after suffering “serious bodily injury.”

“Text messages between the guys also show Alex allegedly telling a friend, “Only degenerate I know of is the biggest f-boy in ATL and scumbag,” Radar reports. “Alex went on to claim that Salvatore has been bad mouthing him and when asked why he hated the plaintiff, Alex replied, Bc he’s a scumbag. Out for himself. After about a year of hanging out with him I’ve thrown in the towel.

Court papers indicate that Alex has denied the allegations and claims he was “acting in self defense.” He has asked the court to drop the case, but it’s still pending.

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