Ashley reveals why she broke up with Kevin after The Bachelor Winter Games


Ashley Iaconetti’s relationship with Kevin Wendt fizzled out shortly after The Bachelor Winter Games finale aired on ABC. What happened?

When Ashley and Kevin “won” The Bachelor Winter Games, we weren’t so sure they won in the relationship department. In fact, we didn’t see much chemistry between them. But Ashley seemed super happy and it was nice to see her focusing on someone other than Jared Haibon.

But, just a few weeks after the finale aired in February, the couple ended their relationship. Now Ashley is speaking out about their split and why it ended so quickly.

We’re not at all shocked that their whirlwind romance ended so quickly. And it’s not just because Kevin lives in Canada and Ashley lives in L.A.  If a relationship is solid, distance doesn’t matter.

There were rumors that Ashley lost her virginity to Kevin after filming ended in December. Not a big deal, but her virginity has been a topic of conversation since she appeared on Chris Soules‘ season of The Bachelor.

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But, when they appeared on the Bachelor: World Tell All reunion show, they didn’t seem to be madly in love. They looked like a couple struggling to stay together for fans.

For about a week, they shared cute couple pics on Instagram. Then it sort of fizzled out. We knew what was coming and we wondered if Kevin hooked up with Ashley for the fame factor. After all, there are rumors that he wants to score the Bachelor Canada gig.

If Kevin does get picked to be the next Bachelor Canada, we’re going to say, “I told you so.” We totally think he got together with Ashley for the wrong reasons.

Ashley explains why it didn’t work

During a recent Almost Famous podcast, Ashley revealed that it was the “lack of magic” that caused their relationship to end. Kevin joined Ashley and Ben on the podcast and totally agreed.

“We get along very well, but there’s just a little something missing and you can’t really pinpoint what it is. That’s just how I feel,” Ashley said.

Good for Ashley for ending it because there wasn’t a spark. Hey, at least they are friends. And there’s always Jared