The Bachelor 2018: Meet Lauren Schleyer, the girl from Dallas who adores Harry Potter


Get to know the first of the four women named Lauren as she struggles to get Arie’s attention on the new season of The Bachelor. 

Mark your calendars for January 1 as the new season of The Bachelor will be heading your way. In order to get geared up for the next couple of weeks, we will be getting to know each of the 29 women who will be vying for Arie Luyendyk’s heart.  First off is Lauren Schleyer, 31, who is just one of the four Laurens that we will see this season.

She will apparently be known as Lauren S. on the show. The blond beauty hails from Dallas, Texas and is ready to find love with Arie Luyendyk.

What do we know so far about this eligible lady?

Taking a look at her social media accounts, Lauren Schleyer seems to love her wine, so she will fit right in with the backdrop of The Bachelor pretty well. After all, the contestants partake in wine drinking whenever possible on the show.

It appears that Lauren also loves hanging out with her family and friends having a nice quiet dinner or enjoying the outdoors. Her official occupation is listed on ABC’s site as a social media manager and her LinkedIn profile confirms that she works for AT&T. You can see her retweets of the company’s posts on her personal Twitter account.

Lauren Schleyer is a sucker for magic as she has mentioned several times how much she adores Harry Potter. She also said that she loves Jurassic Park. Will she and Arie make their own magic this season?

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One interesting tidbit in her ABC bio says that she would love to be in Taylor Swift’s girl squad, even for just one day. You just never know…if the Reputation singer gets wind of this, she may just grant her wish someday. But wait! Does Taylor even have a girl squad anymore? Maybe those two can start a Bachelor Nation squad instead.

Hopefully the new Bachelor won’t get too confused by trying to keep the four Laurens straight. It may be a challenge for fans to keep them straight as well, but it will get easier once Arie starts sending them home one by one.

Will Lauren Schleyer steal Arie’s heart?

[Photo by ABC Television Network]