Who are Bachelor Arie’s girls? Will a previous contestant show up at the mansion?


Filming for Bachelor Arie Luyendyk’s season is about to get underway. Who are the girls who will compete for Arie’s final rose?

The 22nd season of The Bachelor won’t air until January 2018 but it won’t be long before spoilers about the dates and eliminations start to emerge. For now, fans will have to settle for information about the girls who will soon be taking up residence at the Bachelor mansion.

How many girls will be vying for Arie’s heart this season? Will any of the girls from previous seasons of the Bachelor show up? What’s the average age of the season 22 contestants? Here’s what we know so far, with more details to come when the girls meet Arie at the mansion (possibly this weekend).

A blast from the past?

We have some details about Arie’s girls below, but first, let’s address the possibility of one of Arie’s ex’s coming on the show.

Will producers bring Courtney Robertson (Ben Flajnik back to stir up some trouble?. In her book, I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends, Courtney said, “sex with Arie was the best I’ve ever had.”

Last year, she told Us Weekly, even though they are not longer dating, Arie is “a great friend who I like to make out with from time to time!”

Courtney stirred up plenty of controversy on Ben Flajnik’s season of the Bachelor, so bringing her on Arie’s season would provide some entertainment, at the very least.

One of Arie’s girls revealed — so far

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Reality Steve claims he knows who at least 10 of Arie’s girls are. However, he’s going to release their names one-by-one for now. We have plenty of time ’til the January premiere, so one girl at a time gives us all something to talk about while we wait for Bachelor Mondays to resume.

On Tuesday, Steve revealed that Chelsea Roy, 29, will be a contestant on Arie’s season (see video below). Keep in mind, some girls have been cut at the last minute before filming begins, so Chelsea’s appearance won’t be confirmed until ABC rolls out the cast list in December.

Chelsea hails from Portland, Maine where she works as an administrative assistant for a real estate company.

She is also a single mom to an adorable 3-year-old boy. Steve notes that she also models, and that’s not a shocker. There always models and fitness instructors cast for the Bachelor and the Bachelorette.

Her social media accounts are currently private, but Chelsea is featured in the video below. My opinion? She won’t make it past Week 2. Just a hunch.

[Featured Image via ABC]