Did ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay pick Bryan Abasolo? These pics are a dead giveaway!


You don’t need spoilers to figure out who Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay gave her final rose to. It’s been the Rachel and Bryan show from day one.

ABC is trying to throw us all of course with the Bachelorette season finale preview. Rachel isn’t sure she’s making the right decision and she’s crying buckets of tears on proposal day. We’d be crying, too if we had to climb a mountain (in heels) to get to the final rose ceremony.

Sorry, ABC, we’re not buying it. Although three guys remain, there’s only one guy who stole Rachel’s heart — Bryan Abasolo. And the proof is in the pics below — along with a little information from one of Rachel’s friends that make Reality Steve’s spoilers totally unnecessary.

Many fans will doubt Steve’s spoilers right up until the final rose ceremony. However, when Rachel’s friend, Astrid Loch, slips up during an interview with Us Weekly and says the Bachelorette star will be heading to Miami for her engagement party after the finale airs? That’s almost proof positive that Miami-based chiropractor Bryan Abasolo and Rachel Lindsay are engaged.

And what about Rachel? She gave the outcome of the show away during this interview with Access Hollywood.

But  … the proof is really in the pics

Or the gifs. (We love gifs.)

We knew from night one. Just take a look at these pics/gifs and you’ll agree. It was the Rachel and Bryan show from the moment they met. If we’re wrong, we’ll take down our 2018 Bachelor Peter Kraus posters and apologize.

First kiss

Rachel said her premiere night make-out sesh with Bryan was the “best first kiss” she’s ever had. We were really uncomfortable watching Bryan eat Rachel’s face, but it’s a sign of true love if you don’t mind a little slobbering.


Rachel and Bryan wore matching watches when they went to meet Rachel’s family. Before they headed to the Lindsay’s home, Eric and Peter noticed Bryan was watch-twinning with the Bachelorette. Why not hold up a sign that reads, “We’re already engaged, we’re just waiting for Neil Lane to get here with the ring“?

Keepin’ it real, Rachel!

Why does so much food go to waste on The Bachelorette? The meals on the one-on-one dates are never touched. Supposedly, it’s because eating with a mic on makes too much noise. Same can be said about the close-up kissing shots, but I digress.

Rachel Bryan Bachelorette Final Rose
Rachel Bryan Bachelorette Final Rose /

During Bryan’s hometown date, Rachel didn’t have any problem stuffing her face with pizza. Did producers gave her a pass to eat on camera? She probably didn’t care — a sure sign she was comfortable with Bryan. After all, no one wants to have food caught in their teeth when they are trying to impress someone. She was past that stage.

Rachel and Bryan officially made couple status when she folded up the pizza and took a bite.  She didn’t care about getting anything in her teeth during her date because she knew … he’s the one.

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