Amanda Stanton says she’s dating again, admits Josh Murray is still on her mind

Amanda Stanton dating after Josh Murray breakup
Amanda Stanton dating after Josh Murray breakup /

Bachelor in Paradise star Amanda Stanton is trying to meet Mr. Right but she’s having a hard time getting over her ex-fiancé, Josh Murray.

Amanda Stanton is dating again, but the Bachelor in Paradise star says getting over Josh Murray hasn’t been easy. The single mom of two is now opening up about her relationship with Murray and reveals how she’s tackling the dating scene.

It’s been almost five months since the couple announced their engagement was over. The weeks that followed weren’t pretty with both Amanda and Josh taking jabs at each other on social media. And let’s not forget the reports that Josh sent cops to Amanda’s house to get back the car he bought for her. And you thought drama only happens in Paradise?

Amanda tries to move on

Although the craziness between the reality stars has died down, Amanda admits that it hasn’t been easy moving forward after ending her relationship with Josh.

While on the red carpet at KIIS FM’s Wango Tango in Los Angeles, Stanton told Us Weekly, “It’s really hard, I think, to move on from that. I think we’re both having a hard time moving on.”

However, the 27-year-old admits that her relationship wasn’t the same on-camera in Paradise as it was in real life.

"“There’s a lot of things and situations in the real world you don’t experience while you’re there [in Paradise].”"

Amanda gives dating another shot

Although it seems she still has some feelings for her ex, Amanda is getting back into the dating scene. She tells Us that she hasn’t always been a fan of dating apps, but she’s giving it a try. Considering she didn’t find love with The Bachelor Ben Higgins, and her Bachelor in Paradise relationship with Josh Murray didn’t work out, maybe digital dating is the answer.

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“I feel like this is the age where it gets really hard,” Amanda states. “I remember a couple years ago, I was like, ‘Online dating is so weird. I would never do that.’ And now it’s like, ‘I need to do that to meet someone. I get it now!'”

Back to Paradise if dating apps don’t work?

Amanda recently shared some info about her future plans with her fans via an Instagram Live broadcast. She mentioned that one of her close friends from the Bachelor family will be joining the Bachelor in Paradise cast this summer.

When asked if she will return to the show for another shot at finding love, Amanda said, “no.” However, it wouldn’t be a shocker if she changed that “no” to a “yes” — producers are really good at luring former contestants back to the show. Add Josh Murray to the cast list and fans would be in for more drama than we could ever imagine.

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