30 ‘The Bachelor’ Villains And Why We Love to Hate Them

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19. Joe Bailey

Joe Bailey may have done his dirtiest work on Bachelor in Paradise, but he certainly left a pretty crummy last impression on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season. As a serious contender, the Kentucky gentleman didn’t take his elimination very well.

After inititally reaction cool and aloof, he got angry, shouting and cursing at Kaitlyn. He pouted, “So what do I do now? What should I do? You tell me…not saying s**to you…I’m done with you, don’t talk to me.” Once the episode aired, he quickly backed off his tantrum, tweeting “rejection hurts.”

He seemed like a pretty chill guy until he wound up on Bachelor in Paradise in which he and Samantha duped single mother Juelia into giving him her rose. He only wanted it so that he could stay on the show until Sam got there, and they hatched that plan, via text, long before either of them set foot on the beach.

Joe got his, it seems. He was sent home when Samantha gave her rose to someone else, and wound up getting the cold shoulder when the show was over. She had this to say about Joe (and her new boyfriend Nick), “Joe contacted me twice after taping, but it wasn’t appropriate to reciprocate considering everything that was said and done on Bachelor In Paradise, and out of respect for Nick. So, I did not reply. I’m told he texted two of my friends from the show asking about Nick and I. Currently, we are not in touch and don’t have a relationship, but I wish him well. “