30 ‘The Bachelor’ Villains And Why We Love to Hate Them

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18. Trish Schneider

“Villain” might be too strong a characterization for this former The Bachelor contestant. At most, she was just a little mischievous, but the other women on her season didn’t really see it that way.

She didn’t make a great impression when she showed up wearing a tee shirt that read, “Gold Digger… like a hooker just smarter.” Obviously she knew this would create a stir, but she didin’t really seem the type to mind a little attention, whether it was negative or positive.

She appeared on Jesse Palmer’s season, and he was probably a little more conservative than what was good for Trish. She couldn’t really take a hint, unfortunately, and went on to push and push even after she was eliminated.

Trish went on to be a bit of a feminist icon, taking openly and honestly about her sexual past. Trish revealed “she’d slept with more men than she could count on her fingers and toes (one of which, she claimed, was a married man).” The other women judged her harshly and criticized her for her honesty, but she didn’t really do much to help herself.

If I had to pinpoint the moment she became an actual villain, it was after Jesse sent her home. Instead of leaving with dignity and grace, she snuck back to the house the next night, interrupted his date with a finalist to offer the key to hotel room, “Should he change his mind.” He didn’t, and it made things super weird.