30 ‘The Bachelor’ Villains And Why We Love to Hate Them

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20. Samantha Steffen

You might not remember Samantha from her short stint on Chris Soules season of The Bachelor, but she certainly made her mark during her time on Bachelor in Paradise. She quickly became one of the biggest schemers and plotters in the franchise’s history, and that’s no small feat. However, since she was very pretty, a lot of her bad behavior was overlooked for longer than it should have been.

She was one half of the nefarious duo that also included Joe Bailey (more on him soon). Samantha and Joe conspired, before they even arrived on the show, to use other contestants to maneuver their way further in the contest.

People summarizes TextGate nicely, “Joe used Juelia to get her rose in order to stay on the show until Samantha – to whom he had been talking for more than a month before the show starting filming – arrived in Mexico.”

Their plan was revealed when they were caught whispering behind a closed door, not realizing their microphones were still picking up the dialogue. Samantha denied the whole ordeal to producers (and when the camera was pointed directly at her) and wound up double crossing Joe in the end.

After all that, and promising to offer her rose to Joe to save him from elimination, she gave it to someone else and sent Joe packing. It was a double-double cross, and Joe wound up getting the raw deal.