30 ‘The Bachelor’ Villains And Why We Love to Hate Them

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21. Tierra Licausi

Tierra’s biggest sin was being a giant attention hog. Granted, this is serious business in the world of The Bachelor. She pitched fit after fit, as long as Sean Lowe wasn’t watching, and made all the other girls roll their eyes constantly.

A little bit of good came out of all that attention-seeking behavior, and it was all those one-liners. Tierra gave us such gems as, “I can’t control my eyebrow,” and, “Don’t let them steal your sparkle.” She was definitely a character, and Sean was quite enamored with her until her hysterical fight with fellow contestant, Ashlee Frazier. After seeing her come unraveled, he sent her home pretty quickly.

Tierra, delusional as ever, shouted to the cameras, post elimination, ““I can’t believe they [the women] did this to me!” This further proves she may have been bordering on narccissitic at worse, and at best was just a huge brat.

I can’t come down too hard on Tierra because her tantrums made for excellent TV. The more she stomped her feet, held her breath, and demanded everything go her way, the  more we wanted of her. Of course, I dont’ think she was ever an real match for Sean, she certainly did make his season one of the more interesting to watch. It’s certainly fun to watch him fall in love with a sweet and caring women like Catherine, but it’s also a huge kick to watch Tierra show her self at every turn.