Who does Joey pick on The Bachelor? (The answer will surprise you)

Joey's winner has been revealed and fans will be surprised to know who Joey picks at the end of the season.
THE BACHELOR - "Episode TBD" (Disney/John Fleenor)
THE BACHELOR - "Episode TBD" (Disney/John Fleenor) JOEY GRAZIADEI /

With the finale coming up soon, Bachelor Nation members are eager to see who Joey Graziadei ends up with of the four amazing women remaining and there are arguments as to why he could or should end up with all four women who have made it to his final four

Over the course of the season, we've seen Joey forming strong connections with Rachel Nancy, Daisy Kent, Maria Georgas, and Kelsey Anderson. It's no surprise that the four women made it to Joey's final four nor is it surprising to know that Joey will be getting down on one knee to ask one of these amazing women for their hand in marriage when the season ends.

While Joey has created strong relationships with all of his women this season, showing up and always being present in the moment in a refreshing way we haven't seen in many recent years, there is no denying that his connections with his final four have been among the relationships all season long. There really is no bad choice for Joey to make, but one has to be made and we know with certainty who Joey picks at the end of the season.

THE BACHELOR - Ò2804Ó The Bachelor is headed overseas. JoeyÕs journey continues in Malta with a dynamic one-on-one and the seasonÕs largest group date. Plus, the tension in the house comes to a head on a two-on-one date and a shocking cocktail party full of thorns. MONDAY, FEB. 12 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EST), on ABC. (Disney/John Fleenor) JOEY GRAZIADEI /

The Bachelor 2024 winner spoilers have been a rollercoaster

At the end of the season, it's Kelsey Anderson who Joey ends up with but that's not who we spent most of the season expecting Joey to end up with!

Before Joey's season of The Bachelor even began, Reality Steve reported that it was Daisy Kent who Joey ended up with at the end of the season which fans quickly got behind. Joey and Daisy showed a strong connection early on with Daisy getting the first one-on-one of the season and their connection seemed to get stronger with each passing week. We thought this was because Joey and Daisy would be ending up together in the finale; however, Daisy does not win.

While Daisy does make it to Joey's final two, she ends up walking away in the finale after realizing that it's Kelsey who Joey is likely going to be ending up with. In the end, Joey does, in fact, end up with Kelsey Anderson, and the two end the show engaged.

Ahead of hometowns, photos began circulating that suggested Joey and Kelsey were staying at the same place. It was later revealed that the photos seem to have been taken at the happy couples' house which is used to give franchise leads and their winners the chance to come together to spend time with one another after filming until they can be out together in public.

After speculation began growing on Reddit and social media, Reality Steve was on the case and has since confirmed that Joey ends up with Kelsey at the end of the season. And that was always his winner.

We definitely didn't expect Reality Steve's spoilers to be wrong as he has such a solid track record for revealing the winner way before the finale of the season, but we can totally see why Joey ended up with Kelsey.

Joey has had a special relationship with Kelsey all season long, lighting up when she's around and forming a strong connection during their time together on the show. When on their hometown date, Joey kept pointing out butterflies after Kelsey had previously mentioned that whenever she sees a butterfly she feels like it's her mom showing her presence. This gesture, as small as it might seem to some, indicates how Joey paid attention even to the smallest of details of their conversation.

He also really hit it off with her family and the two's connection has been so strong all season long. The pair make an amazing couple and are just so cute together, so we're happy to know Joey ends up getting his happy ending in the finale and finds his person in Kelsey.

We're eager to see how their journey ends in the final episodes, but we know their story is still being written as the pair are still together post-filming!

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