Golden Bachelor winner theories: 4 major clues that Gerry chooses Leslie

Leslie Fhima or Theresa Nist, who does Gerry Turner pick? That’s the million-dollar question on the minds of everyone watching The Golden Bachelor this season as the new season races towards its finish line.

Across the season, Gerry has grown close to both Leslie and Theresa, forming strong connections with both women over the season. We could honestly see Gerry ending up with either of the two amazing women, and there is really no wrong decision between Leslie and Theresa! Both are incredible women who have formed genuine connections with Gerry, connections that led them to the finish line of the season as the two final contestants vying for Gerry’s final rose.

With the finale only a few weeks away, Bachelor Nation is eager to see who Gerry will choose and has been turning to Reality Steve for answers. Oddly, Reality Steve has yet to reveal the identity of The Golden Bachelor winner, but these four clues have us thinking Leslie is who Gerry ends up with.

Needless to say, warnings are ahead for The Golden Bachelor!

The Golden Bachelor winner

THE GOLDEN BACHELOR – “106” – Only two roses remain as Gerry Turner heads to the hometowns of his final three women where, for the first time in “Bachelor” history, their children and grandchildren are waiting to meet the man hoping to win their loved one’s heart. THURSDAY, NOV. 2 (8:00-9:02 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (Disney/John Fleenor)

1. Gerry told Leslie he loves her before telling Theresa he loves her

Okay, let’s start with the first and possibly most notable clue that Gerry picks Leslie: the fact that he had no hesitation in telling Leslie he was falling in love with her during their hometown date.

While this, of course, could mean nothing as Gerry told Faith he loved her during their hometown date only to send her home at the rose ceremony, it seems telling that Theresa was the only one he didn’t say I love you to during the hometowns.

When Gerry told Leslie he loves her, it felt genuine and we can’t help but shake the feeling that Gerry indeed has strong feelings for Leslie. We’ve also taken notice of how he often refers to Leslie as “his girl” which seems to hint she might be his frontrunner and the woman he has the strongest connection to.

THE GOLDEN BACHELOR – “104” – Gerry Turner’s journey continues with an adventurous one-on-one and a group date that has the women flexing their pickleball skills. Plus, former Bachelorette Trista Sutter and upcoming Bachelor Joey Graziadei appear, making it an unforgettable week. THURSDAY, OCT. 19 (8:22-9:24 p.m. CDT/EDT ONLY; 8:00-9:02 p.m. PDT/MDT), on ABC. (ABC/John Fleenor)

2. Gerry’s pickleball coach hinted he picks Leslie

No one close to Gerry Turner has revealed any spoilers about The Golden Bachelor winner; however, Katherine Hedden of CityPickle, who met and played pickleball with Gerry back in September, seemed to hint that she has a feeling Gerry ends up with Leslie.

As Katherine told The Sun, “I think the one that’s going to win is the one that’s the most natural, most down to earth. I think he definitely will pick Leslie. I thought she was really down to earth.”

Now, we’re taking this one with a grain of salt given that Katherine isn’t Gerry’s regular coach and only spent a brief amount of time with Gerry. Still, it’s quite interesting that she seemed to hint that Gerry ends up with Leslie over Theresa especially considering their encounter would have occurred after filming wrapped on the show.

Perhaps Gerry hinted at his winner during their pickleball match or maybe it’s nothing more than wild speculation. Either way, it’s a notable hint that perhaps Leslie is who Gerry ends up with.

3. Leslie might have been spotted in Gerry’s background on a call

One of the biggest clues pointing toward Leslie being the winner of The Golden Bachelor actually comes to us via Us Weekly and an interview segment the brand did with star Gerry Turner.

During an October interview, Gerry joined Us Weekly correspondent Sarah Hearon remotely to discuss the season’s drama and the engagement that often comes at the end of a Bachelor franchise show. While Gerry did not spill much tea about the season when it comes to spoilers, he didn’t have to as a mirror in the background held the biggest clue about the season’s winner.

In the background, there is a mirrored surface in which eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot the reflection of what appeared to be a woman using a laptop sitting on Gerry’s bed. While you cannot clearly see the woman’s face, the silhouette does indeed seem to share an uncanny resemblance to Leslie including a shared hair color and complexion.

Given the interview took place after filming had ended on the show, we have to admit it’s quite a coincidence and seems like a major hint that Gerry not only ended up with Leslie but was still with her after filming wrapped!

The Golden Bachelor

THE GOLDEN BACHELOR – Ò101Ó – For the first time in Bachelor franchise history, 22 incredible women in the prime of their lives will roll up their stockings and step into the spotlight, hoping to find lasting love with Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner. THURSDAY, SEPT. 28 (8:00-9:01 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

4. Fans are convinced they heard Gerry in Leslie’s TikTok

Perhaps the biggest hint that Gerry picks Leslie comes in the form of a TikTok video posted by Leslie which has fans convinced the pair end up together!

In a September 25 video, Leslie and her granddaughter dance to Dua Lipa’s “Dance the Night,” which became a viral sensation this summer thanks to its use in the key dance scene from Warner Bros.’ Barbie movie. Toward the end of the video, you can hear a man laughing and fans were quick to point out that the laugh sounds an awful lot like Gerry’s laugh.

“I hear Gerry giggling in the background!!!” pointed out one fan to which another added, “Definitely Gerry giggle…I’m so glad for her!!!”

You can watch the video in question below to judge for yourself whether that is Gerry’s laugh heard in the background, but we agree with Bachelor Nation that it most certainly sounds like the laugh we’ve heard from Gerry throughout the show!

@lesliefhima Dancing into the new year with my grandaughter Kiki ✡️ #shanatova ♬ original sound – Lesliefhima

The Golden Bachelor season 1 comes to a close on November 30 with a 2-hour finale that will see Gerry choosing his winner and giving fans the chance to see where the couple are after filming with the After the Final Rose special!