The Golden Bachelor Season 1 spoilers: Hometown dates

THE GOLDEN BACHELOR - ABCÕs ÒThe Golden BachelorÓ stars Gerry Turner. (ABC/Brian Bowen Smith)
THE GOLDEN BACHELOR - ABCÕs ÒThe Golden BachelorÓ stars Gerry Turner. (ABC/Brian Bowen Smith) /

The Golden Bachelor is set to premiere on September 28th, 2023, alongside Bachelor in Paradise. Gerry Turner is our leading man who will be dating 20-something women 65 years and older.

We are super excited for his journey to begin to find the person “that will make him feel whole again” after losing his high school sweetheart wife, Toni, of 43 years, back in 2017. Golden Gerry will be super fun to watch as he navigates love…again.

**The Golden Bachelor spoilers ahead**

ABC/Craig Sjodin
ABC/Craig Sjodin /

The Golden Bachelor has already confirmed one cast member…and a hometown date!

Starting, let’s take a look at the one contestant whose name has already been released. Her name is Susan, and she is the ex-wife of the former MLB journeyman pitcher, Dickie Noles. We don’t know much about her except for her name and claim to fame.’

Please don’t get excited about the hometown date we know about because we don’t have her name yet. Gerry was spotted in Minnesota, meaning whoever had said hometown date is from there. Again, we don’t know her name or how many ladies will get hometowns. However, we know that we are in for a super fun season that will look different than what we are used to.

Gerry’s filming process for The Golden Bachelor only started on August 3rd and will only last for about three weeks to a month at most. It’s a lot less filming time than a regular season that lasts roughly seven weeks. Turner probably knows exactly what he’s looking for and is not here for all the fluff that comes with the other younger seasons.

We wish our sweet Golden Gerry nothing but the best on his journey!

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That’s a wrap on the only spoiler that we know thus far about Gerry Turner, The Golden Bachelor!

We cannot wait to see where Gerry’s journey takes him and who he finds as his forever person to ‘make him feel whole again.’ While she will never replace Toni, and Turner isn’t looking for that, this will certainly be a journey to remember for Gerry and us, too!