The Bachelor Season 28: Joey Graziadei is our next lead!

THE BACHELORETTE - ABCÕs ÒThe BacheloretteÓ stars Joey. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)
THE BACHELORETTE - ABCÕs ÒThe BacheloretteÓ stars Joey. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth) /

It’s official! We have our brand new Bachelor for Season 28, and it’s none other than Joey Graziadei! This is quite possibly one of the most deserving guys that we’ve ever seen! The grace and poise that he carried himself with throughout his entire journey on The Bachelorette is simply unmatched. Even after everything he went through, he was still able to reflect on his experience with much gratitude, followed by a smile on his face.

Now, it’s his chance to start all over and find his one true love! I cannot wait for his journey as the Bachelor to start! And on top of that all, he already met one of his contestants, Leia. Congratulations to her, but what I really wanna know is…what’s inside that envelope?!

Given that Joey was literally just announced as the Bachelor, we definitely won’t find out what’s in that envelope for quite some time, but hopefully, Reality Steve can help us out with that one! Nonetheless, Joey seemed super happy, yet nervous to be going through all of this again. He and Leia already seem to have just a bit of chemistry, so we’ll see where that goes!

The Bachelorette Season 20
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Here’s why Joey Graziadei will make such a great Bachelor next season! What do you think is the most endearing quality that will make him a perfect fit for the show?

Let’s get to know him just a little bit more before his season even begins filming! That being said, in no particular order, here are some fun facts about our brand-new Bachelor, Mr. Joey Graziadei!

He loves the outdoors

Joey loves to be outside doing just about anything when he’s not teaching tennis and maintaining his pro status levels. He’s a big star-gazer, which I think is super sweet and definitely gives some nighttime date(s) potential on his season. He also loves to golf and hike. He’s done some waterfall chasing in the past and also likes to surf and catch some waves from time to time. I can totally see his season being filled with dates, outdoor ones in particular, that are going to test the girls’ abilities to adapt to uncomfortable and sometimes hard situations. Way to go, Joe!

He’s a die-hard fan of a certain NFL football team

This, for me, is one mark against Joey. He is a huge Green Bay Packers fan. Given that I’m from Chicago, even though I don’t really like football all that much, I kind of have to root against Joey on this one. I still love the guy, though, so don’t worry. That’s not a dealbreaker in liking him!

I’ll get over it…hopefully…

Here are the three words that he uses to describe himself

Loyal, Outgoing, and Friendly

All three of these words encompass his personality. Weirdly enough, this makes me think of his family for some reason. All of these words Uncle Joe didn’t seem to see in Joey, so I genuinely hope that Uncle Joe learned a thing or two about his nephew and knows that it was always the real him. Joey, we all see the good in you…besides Uncle Joe, of course. Totally kidding, but hopefully, this time, he’s not as harsh on you! We’re so rooting for you, man!

Here’s his zodiac sign

His birthday is May 24th, 1995. Here are some Gemini qualities that are Joey:

  • Charming: We saw this already, and we can’t wait to see even more of it!
  • Never a boring moment: I can see him being a super fun-date Bachelor.
  • Enthusiastic: He showed his enthusiasm in just about everything that he did.
  • Deep “life” conversations: He’s so in tune with what he wants from life with a partner.
  • Social: We’ve never seen any sort of quiet side to him, and that’s awesome.
  • Variety of passions: As you saw above, this couldn’t be more true of Joey’s life.
  • Playful: I can see his dates being super fun and out-of-people-comfort-zones.

He’s a HUGE family-orientated guy

He’s previously shared how hard it was for him, given that his parents split when he was at such a young age. However, for him, that never meant a family that wasn’t loving and expressive toward each other. As we learned just a short time ago, his parents didn’t split because there was any amount of love loss there. His father bravely decided to live his genuine and authentic self and came out. To this day, his parents still love each other; it’s just a different kind of love now!

While on a Bachelor-themed podcast, he shared that although it has affected him, he’s always been okay with it because it’s his life to live and no one else’s. He talked with his Dad, and he was OK with sharing said information, given that it was in the right light and timeframe. How awesome is that?!

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That’s a wrap on the official and super cool announcement of Joey Graziadei being Season 28’s brand-new Bachelor! How do YOU think that he’ll do?

Let us know down below what you think of Joey being the next Bachelor. Do you think he and Leia will have a strong connection once they get to the mansion? What’s really in that envelope? All of these questions can be discussed in the comments below! Be sure to tune in for any announcements regarding his season! We cannot wait for his journey to begin! Cheers to Joey finding his forever love!