The Bachelorette Season 20, Episode 5: Power rankings

THE BACHELORETTE - ABCÕs ÒThe BacheloretteÓ stars Charity Lawson. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)CHARITY LAWSON
THE BACHELORETTE - ABCÕs ÒThe BacheloretteÓ stars Charity Lawson. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)CHARITY LAWSON /

Welcome to week five of The Bachelorette Season 20 with Charity Lawson! So far, Charity’s done an excellent job handling everything gracefully and respectfully, including all the super catty drama.

So far, we’ve met all 25 men, gotten to know them all, and already said goodbye to a few from premiere night. Some guys have stood out to us, but we’re here to go through it all with you!

Here, we will go over the top five guys of the night, from worst to best, and why they landed where they did on this week’s power rankings!

Our top five from week five of The Bachelorette Season 20

The Bachelorette Season 20
ABC/Craig Sjodin /

#5: Charity

Here’s why I think that Charity deserves the #5 spot this week:

  • She knows exactly what she wants.
  • She’s not afraid to be her true, authentic self.

I picked Charity for the #5 spot this week because every week that passes by, she continues to prove that she’s such a perfect person to be the Bachelorette. Her with this amazing group of guys is exactly what this franchise has needed from this show.

We could not be more thankful to watch Charity handle every situation and challenging conversation with such grace and poise. She is undoubtedly paving the way for more Bachelorettes in the future. Maybe even some of the bachelors can take notes too!

The Bachelorette Season 20
ABC/Craig Sjodin /

#4: The street poetry guy

Here’s why I think that the street poetry guy deserves the #4 spot this week:

  • He is a true poetry genius.
  • His sweet poem made me want to do one with my boyfriend!

Second, this guy stole the show for me this week on The Bachelorette Season 20. The poem that he wrote for Charity and Joey truly made me cry. It was picture-perfect for the two of them. He seemed to listen to everything they had to say about each other and encapsulate everything they wanted to convey to one another! Great job!

Tanner Courtad
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#3: The bayou boat driver

Here’s why I think that the bayou boat driver deserves the #3 spot this week:

  • He was so hilarious.
  • I loved him and his funny comments to and about everyone.

This guy is runner-up for the MVP of this week’s episode! He even offered himself up to Charity should things not work out with either guy she was on her two-on-one date with. He looked like he’d be such a grumpy man. He made me laugh, smile, and wish that I was there on that bayou boat tour with them! I hope to see him in another season!

Dotun Olubeko
ABC/Craig Sjodin /

#2: Dotun

Here’s why I think that Dotun deserves the #2 spot this week:

  • He got the second one-on-one date this week (his 2nd of the season).
  • He got a rose on his one-on-one, solidifying his hometown date.

Oh, Dotun…Dotun, Dotun, Dotun. I’ve truly never thought that someone was so perfect for the lead of this show in franchise history. As much as I love Joey, I think I’m Team Dotun.

Dotun looks at Charity with so much love and admiration, and that’s how all men should be on this show. You can genuinely tell that he listens. He’s also perfect at opening up and having those more challenging conversations with Charity, much like they did this week during the night portion of their one-on-one date.

Since Dotun has such a huge Nigerian-American family with seven siblings, I cannot wait to see his family next week! Are you as much on Team Dotun as I am? Weigh in down below right along with me!

Joey Graziadei, The Bachelorette Season 20
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#1: Joey

Here’s why I think that Joey deserves the #1 spot this week:

  • He got the first one-on-one date this week.
  • He got the rose on his one-on-one date, solidifying his hometown date.
  • He gave Charity the best happy tears.

Charity said some pretty remarkable things about Joey this week. Joey makes her very happy and vice versa. From learning about Joey’s father coming out very early on, we just knew that Joey wouldn’t be the shy one to open up and share his life and feelings with Charity.

They had some pretty tough conversations this week about the future of their relationship, but let me tell you, this man right here was so well-spoken and knew exactly what to say to make Charity feel better. I think Joey and Dotun will be her final two. I genuinely do hope so too! Team Jotun for life! Team Doey for life!


The sweetest moment of the night: Joey – his 1:1 date this week had me feeling like I was watching a Day in the Life as a married couple; not once did I feel like it was on a TV show

The cringiest moment of the night: Sean – after the 2:1 date was announced and Sean was showing his rage, it was just a tad bit awkward; poor Tanner, I’m sure there’s not a worse feeling

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That’s a wrap on this week’s power rankings list from week five! What were YOUR thoughts!?

What do you make of this list? What did you think of this week’s The Bachelorette Season 20 episode? Be sure to tune in Monday nights on ABC at 9 PM EST for new episodes of The Bachelorette Season 20! Let us know your thoughts on everything Season 20-related and beyond in the comments below!