Charity Lawson defended Brayden Bowers and his earrings

THE BACHELORETTE - ABCÕs ÒThe BacheloretteÓ stars Brayden. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)
THE BACHELORETTE - ABCÕs ÒThe BacheloretteÓ stars Brayden. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth) /

Anyone who has been tuning into The Bachelorette, Season 20, is familiar with Brayden Bowers. Just two episodes in, sometimes it can be difficult for contestants to stand out or be memorable, but that is not the case for Bowers.

The 25-year-old travel nurse is known to be both enthusiastic and emotional and has also been in the Bachelor Nation spotlight for his unique sense of style. From funky and dangly earrings to fun scarfs, Bowers hasn’t held back.

Although many fans and followers were thrilled to see the contestant confidently embrace his individualistic fashion vibe, some people tried to hate Bowers. Naturally, Lawson was having none of that.

Charity Lawson has an amazing response when talking about Brayden Bower’s on-screen looks

Like so many of the leading stars of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Charity Lawson has been incredibly open about her journey for love. As viewers eagerly watch Lawson’s story play out, she has been checking in with her fans and followers via Instagram.

Following the most recent episode, one follower reached out during Lawson’s Instagram live, asking, “thoughts on Braydens dangly earrings + scarf???”

Missing no beats, the leading lady replied, “if he like it, I love it.” Unsurprisingly, Lawson handled the suss question like a total boss. Plus, not to mention, as Lawson so pointed out, it isn’t about her. The Sun reported the details surrounding the “clap back” that much of Bachelor Nation was buzzing about.

What has Brayden Bowers said about his fashion choices on The Bachelorette, Season 20

Though it seems crazy that Bowers has to say anything, his non-conformist vibes brought some trolls out. Even Jesse Palmer, the host of the popular ABC franchise, had something to say about his eccentric wardrobe.

With all that being said, since the season has begun airing, Bowers has opened up and shared a little about his choices on “Bachelor Happy Hour.”

He explained in the exclusive June 29th episode, “I was in the Army, and in the Army, you aren’t allowed to wear earrings. You’re also not allowed to have long hair and you have to keep your facial hair tight and right. So when I got out, I wanted to just go for it. I got my ears pierced and got the craziest earrings I could find, and I feel like they represent how I’m feeling in the moment.”

Bowers added, “The earrings are always a good conversation starter too. That’s one of my favorite things about wearing them.” Well, he most definitely seems right about that.

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Way to stick up for the contestants, Charity!

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