Are Clayton Echard and Rachel Recchia back together?

We all saw and remember Season 26 of The Bachelor, where Clayton Echard broke multiple hearts and slept with numerous women. We also remember Rachel Recchia’s pathetic cries echoing the stairwell (one of my favorite moments ever). But did we ever think that their love would be rekindled? Well, it just might be!

Recently, the two were spotted together and even made a TikTok video, which has since sent the internet into a tailspin.

Are Clayton Echard and Rachel Recchia back together? Is their love rekindled?

A few weeks back, on Rachel Recchia’s TikTok account (@pilot.rachel), she posted a super short video featuring her, Michelle Young, and Clayton Echard all sitting around shootin’ the breeze.In said video, a sound is used asking what’s going on. The camera then pans to where Rachel and Clayton are sitting on the same couch to the likes of the audio going, “if I told you, it would give us both an aneurysm.”

The two seemed to be enjoying people’s company. Certainly Recchia knew this would gain her some attention as it’s been watched and viewed almost 2 million times. Fans of the two were super excited, hoping for something to happen or be announced.

Here’s what a few Bachelor Nation members had to say/what they are hoping for:

  • “I was kind of hoping that there was a spark being rekindled…” ~ Mari Pepin
  • “There were a lot of rumors…Rachel’s comment…put it to bed” ~ Grocery Store Joe

Eventually, Rachel commented on the video that it was all good fun. But how much of that was her trying to deny that romance could still potentially be in their future together? Is she denying and delaying the inevitable, or is there simply nothing there anymore?

That’s a wrap on our analysis of if Rachel Recchia and Clayton Echard are back together! Thoughts?

What do you think? Are Rachel and Clayton back together, or should they be at least? Let’s weigh in on that and much more in the comments below! Stay along for the ride!