The Bachelor’s Brianna Thorbourne age, Instagram, job: Everything to know about the season 27 contestant

THE BACHELOR - ABCÕs ÒThe BachelorÓ stars Brianna. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)
THE BACHELOR - ABCÕs ÒThe BachelorÓ stars Brianna. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth) /

It’s that time again, Bachelor Nation! The Bachelor Season 27 is right around the corner, with Zach Shallcross as the leading man. Even though he didn’t find love as a contestant on The Bachelorette, he is now getting another chance to find love on his own season.

His journey will feature thirty single women at various stages in life, all waiting to compete for his affection. He already met five contestants during the After the Final Rose show, which concluded Rachel’s and Gabby Windey’s season of The Bachelorette. With that in mind, let’s get to know the women on Zach’s season of The Bachelor, starting with Brianna Thorbourne.

Brianna Thorbourne age

Brianna is 24 years old, only two years younger than Zach. She is from Jersey City, New Jersey. She considers herself a woman of the world and even lived in Paris, France, for a short time. She is seeking a lifelong partner that will travel the world with her. According to her bio, Brianna wants one of her adventures to take her cage diving with sharks.

This The Bachelor contestant already has a leg up on the competition because she and four others met Zach during the After the Final Rose special for The Bachelorette Season 19.  She beat out the other four women and earned America’s vote to receive the first, first impression rose of the season.

Brianna Thorbourne Instagram

Brianna has a little over five thousand followers on Instagram. On her page, she has a quote, “creating my best life one day at a time.” Brianna is a storyteller, model, and entrepreneur. She is a proud model and shows it with several social media posts. Brianna is ready to add her first impression rose to her bouquet on night one of The Bachelor  Season 27.

Brianna Thorbourne job

Brianna lists her job as an entrepreneur. This 24-year-old is the proud owner of a successful beauty company, Bourne Beauty. She is brilliant and creative, leading her to where she is today. However, this intelligence and creativity are not new. Brianna said she created her own language as a child.

Despite her young age, this The Bachelor contestant knows what she is looking for in a man. While she does not do “Netflix and chill,” she is looking for a man to share her life with and to go on many adventures with. She noted that she seems to have everything handled except in the romance department. Well, Brianna is already off to a good start with Zach. Let’s see where this goes!

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The Bachelor Season 27 premieres on Monday, January 23rd at 8 PM EST.

How will the other women react to seeing Brianna with a rose already? Let us know in the comments below!