The Bachelorette Season 19, Episode 12 recap: Finale (Part 2)

THE BACHELORETTE - Rachel and Gabby reunite with 14 of the most unforgettable men from this season. But first, AvenÕs spooky hometown date in Salem, Massachusetts, will be revealed! Once seated together for the first time since the show premiered, the former suitors kick off the night by addressing the controversies surrounding Hayden and Chris, but will either of them show up to atone for their actions? Later, the women of the hour, Gabby and Rachel, answer burning questions from their former flames and welcome the stars of Universal PicturesÕ ÒBros,Ó Billy Eichner and Luke Macfarlane, to the stage to join in on the action on an all-new episode of ÒThe Bachelorette,Ó airing, MONDAY, AUG. 29 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT) on ABC. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)JESSE PALMER, RACHEL RECCHIA, GABBY WINDEY
THE BACHELORETTE - Rachel and Gabby reunite with 14 of the most unforgettable men from this season. But first, AvenÕs spooky hometown date in Salem, Massachusetts, will be revealed! Once seated together for the first time since the show premiered, the former suitors kick off the night by addressing the controversies surrounding Hayden and Chris, but will either of them show up to atone for their actions? Later, the women of the hour, Gabby and Rachel, answer burning questions from their former flames and welcome the stars of Universal PicturesÕ ÒBros,Ó Billy Eichner and Luke Macfarlane, to the stage to join in on the action on an all-new episode of ÒThe Bachelorette,Ó airing, MONDAY, AUG. 29 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT) on ABC. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)JESSE PALMER, RACHEL RECCHIA, GABBY WINDEY /

Tonight is the night we finally write the final chapter and close the book on The Bachelorette Season 19. The second part of the two-part finale will finalize Gabby Windey’s and Rachel Recchia’s second time around on their journey to find love. Will it end in their favor though?

Rachel has been focused on an engagement and ended up calling it quits with Aven because he wasn’t ready. This left Tino as the last man standing. Gabby is down to Erich but now he is having second thoughts about an engagement. Does anyone end up happy in the end? What shocking twists will happen during the live finale?

Jesse Palmer teased that this would be the most shocking, dramatic finish in Bachelor Nation history. Let’s find out what happened on the Bachelorette Season 19 finale part two!

The Bachelorette Season 19, Episode 12 recap

1. One last day in Paradise

After Jesse kicked off The Bachelorette Season 19 and showed a teaser of what is to come on this 3-hour finale we go back to Mexico to pick up where we left off last week. Erich had just told Gabby that he wasn’t ready for a proposal and she walked away. As she is walking away she realizes that she is in love with Erich and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She returned to him and the two talked it out. What could have been catastrophic and an end to their relationship turned into a positive as they were able to work through their first big struggle in their relationship.

On the other side, Rachel went to Tino to tell him the good news that he is the last man standing. He seemed ready to propose and thought that meeting her family went well. The two share an embrace and Rachel walks away feeling as if she has found her perfect match and is ready to start a life with Tino. So maybe there is a happy ending?

Gabby and Rachel meet up in Mexico after some time apart and discuss where they are at. They discover that both bachelorettes only have one man remaining. Rachel says there is no doubt in her mind that Tino is the right person for her. Gabby reflects a similar sentiment about Erich. They both feel they deserve this and have had a long road to get here. However, the men still have to propose.

2. Rachel’s Proposal

Now the big moment! Rachel is first up to the podium as she awaits Tino to propose to her. He arrives and looks ready to propose. Rachel tells him that she has never met a man like him. Someone so selfless and supportive. Well, that may change. She goes on to say that she is madly in love with him and can’t wait to spend the rest of her life with him.

Tino now is up to give his speech. He looked nervous and said there is something he needs to say. He drags her along for a little bit before telling her that this is never going away. He said that he was extremely nervous on the show but from the first time he met her he felt a natural calmness and instantly felt a connection with her. He goes on about her looks, intelligence, emotions, etc. As he is talking they have the live shot of Rachel and then her family and their facial expressions do not look positive.

Tino ends his speech by saying he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and proposed to her. She accepted graciously and as they go back to the live shot Rachel is smiling but her family is definitely not. As the crowd roars with applause her mom and dad stare straight-faced. Uh oh. Rachel ends her package by saying this is the happiest moment of her life. She and Tino ride off on horseback out of the resort.

3. Live with Rachel

We return to the live show with just Jesse and Rachel to talk about what happened after the proposal. Watching it back Rachel did not look happy in the live shots. She said the relationship was really great for a while but there were typical growing pains of a long-distance relationship. She said they went through a difficult time around the premiere of the show but she felt throughout the whole time that she was supporting him. She didn’t feel she had the same support in return.

Things got better after The Bachelorette Season 19 premiere but then it hit again. He brought concerns to Rachel about past relationships of his coming back up and coming to light but he wouldn’t elaborate. She tried to get Tino to talk about it but he wouldn’t. She pulled more strings and found that he was cheating on her. Needless to say, they are no longer together. Rachel was so focused on getting engaged that she may have tossed away a great relationship with Aven for a rushed relationship with Tino.

4. The Confrontation

Their confrontation was filmed for The Bachelorette Season 19 during one of these “rough patches” and they showed the audience. In the package, Rachel starts by saying this is the first time she is speaking with Tino since he revealed he was cheating on her. Of course, she ropes in Gabby to talk it out. Rachel talked about how they were off about his character and never would have expected this from him. Well, apparently they didn’t watch the show back because it was obvious he was up to something. Rachel revealed that Tino never really apologized for cheating and was trying to save face.

She goes on to say his first response was he shouldn’t have told her and that she shouldn’t tell anyone else. A very selfish act. The two talk it over more and come to find out they never really broke it off or were taking a break so Tino just legit cheated on Rachel and had no legit reason to (not that anyone ever has a legit reason to cheat). Gabby is very vocal and tells Rachel she should tell Tino what she is feeling and then kick him somewhere where he’ll remember it.

Tino looks rough when he shows up at Rachel’s house. He has a notebook and pen in hand as if he needed to write out what he needed to say. After trying to get Rachel to go first Tino revealed that he kissed another girl and at that moment realized he wanted to be with Rachel. He said he was able to get past it but this obviously is still a big impasse for the two. Tino says that there was a woman before the show but he never went on a date with her. After the show, he ran into this woman at the bar and was worried things would come back up.

Tino reads from his journal and recalls things Rachel said that hurt him. Apparently, she asked if he would go on the Bachelor and then he tried to say she wouldn’t go to therapy. Knowing Rachel this doesn’t seem legit. She said that he answered the Bachelor question as if he would go on the show if asked. Although they never broke up or called it quits Tino cheated. He acknowledged that they never broke up and then clarified that it was a one-time mistake.

Tino was backpedaling hard. Tino stepped outside and told the producers to tell Rachel to break up with him because he wanted out. I don’t think he knew his mic was on. The first rule of broadcast is always to assume the microphone is on. He accused Rachel of beating him up (figuratively), crucifying him, and making him the villain on The Bachelorette Season 19.

Round 2

He comes back inside after his meltdown and asked Rachel what she wanted out of this conversation. He said that they were improving in their relationship so he tried to bury it and move on from a “tiny” incident. He also said that Rachel did everything he asked her to do which sounded a little possessive. Rachel starts to grill him again and he has to step out. This time he takes off the mic and makes a phone call (wonder who was on the other end of that call). Rachel goes and gets him outside and the two make their way back inside. As they enter the house it looks super empty (just a side note).

Tino said he really loves her and that’s why he had to tell her but Rachel said she had to pry it out of him. He goes on to say that they can get through this and that he still wants to spend the rest of his life with her and will work for the rest of his life to make up for it. She finally said it. She’s done. She says it a few more times and then gives the ring back to Tino. He says that she deserves some amazing that isn’t going to do this. That could have been him but he let her down. Tino gets driven away and the couple is truly over.

Now back to the live show on The Bachelorette Season 19 finale with Rachel and Jesse. Rachel says that it has been extremely hard going from so sure that he was the one to how they ended. The audience shows their support for Rachel at this moment. Rachel said that last week she was prepared to be sitting with Tino on the show talking about their engagement. That was a quick turnaround. Jesse asked if there was anything Tino could have done. Rachel said that he wasn’t even sorry and made her feel like it was her fault he cheated. If he wasn’t sorry there wasn’t anything that could have been done.

Jesse asked Rachel point blank if there was any part of her that still loved Tino and she said she has a love for him but no true love now. They are completely over. Jesse turns things over to Rachel’s dad and he said it’s extremely tough to watch her go through this. Then he turns it over to Kaitlyn Bristowe who had a lot to say. She said that she is fired up for her and that she commends her on how she handled it. Jesse asked if Tino had contacted Rachel since and she said he sent her a letter but that’s it. Tino is there and now gets the opportunity to have a conversation with Rachel.

5. Rachel and Tino LIVE on The Bachelorette Season 19

Jesse welcomed Tino to The Bachelorette Season 19 finale and he receives a mixed greeting from the audience. He somewhat apologizes again and takes ownership of his actions. He goes on to say that as the season started to premiere their relationship started to strain. He said that he will always appreciate the way Rachel treated him and never forget it. Rachel’s dad is fighting hard not to get up and slap Tino. Tino quickly said that Rachel said she couldn’t love him. This really fired her up.

Tino reiterated that his actions were his own and that Rachel’s comments put him in a bad headspace which led to his actions (cheating). Rachel brought up her family and Tino quickly said he didn’t want to bring them into it. He goes on to say that he can’t imagine the situation Rachel was put in throughout the show and after. Rachel said that she put in the work to make their engagement work. She asked Tino if he did the work and he said yes. Tino kept bringing up that Rachel said she was giving the ring back which wasn’t true. He said that is what just aired but that is definitely not what she said. Rachel glared at Jesse as if to say I’m done with him.

Jesse reveals that there is someone else here for Rachel and sure enough Aven walks in the room with Tino still sitting on the couch. Rachel lights up and Tino has a smirk on his face. He looks back between Rachel and Aven. Oh boy.

Jesse said that Aven demanded to speak to Rachel. Although this is rumored to be a stunt by the producers. Aven greets Rachel and asked if she wanted to go away and catch up. The two exit stage right leaving Tino and Jesse on the stage together. Awkward. The cameras show Aven and Rachel backstage talking and you can hear Aven say if we wanted to explore that we could…is a relationship on the horizon?

6.  Gabby’s Turn in Mexico

While we saw the confrontation with Rachel, Gabby appeared to have an engagement ring on. Now Jesse is seated with Gabby to recap the rest of her journey on The Bachelorette Season 19. They return to Mexico where Gabby is expecting Erich to propose to her. They both truly feel that they are each other’s perfect match.

As they are showing this moment Gabby is smiling watching it back. The two share a long embrace at the podium as they give their last speeches to each other before the proposal. She tells him that this is a love that she only thought could happen in her dreams and that he loved her before she learned to love herself. Erich means the world to Gabby and their last conversation made it real. She ends by saying she wants to love him as long as he will let her and then some.

Erich said that they have both wanted this to be real for a while. He says she deserves to have someone that is there for Gabby unconditionally and that is why he’s standing there in front of her. He talked about the odds of them meeting and everything that had to align for them to meet and develop this relationship. He said he feels like he has known Gabby for years and that he felt he met his soulmate.

She makes him feel like he is the only person in the world. He vowed to fight every day for her and the love they share. He proposes to Gabby and she accepts gratefully. In the live shot, she is laughing and smiling showing much more emotion than Rachel. The couple boards a motorcycle and rolls out, bidding farewell to their time on The Bachelorette Season 19.

7. Live with Gabby and Erich on The Bachelorette Season 19

Now back to the live show where Jesse welcomes Erich to the couch and introduces the two as a couple for the first time in public, the only lasting relationship from The Bachelorette Season 19, showing they are still together and very much in love. The two talk about the engagement and how much they are in love and how they feel about each other now.

They talk about their argument before the engagement and how Erich wasn’t sure at that moment. Erich said that he just wanted them both to be on the same page and didn’t want the proposal to just be his decision. They were able to talk it out and have that discussion and get on the same page before the proposal.

Now that the fun, lovey-dovey stuff is out of the way Jesse asks the hard questions. Erich’s and Gabby’s relationship hasn’t been the easiest since the proposal. Gabby says that their whole relationship has been on camera and that they will never stop learning things about each other.

Jesse addresses the text messages that have surfaced about Erich and his past relationship. Erich owns his actions and says that he led this person on and took the cowardly way out and apologizes for it. He says that he wasn’t too sure about the show and had only watched one episode before going on. He told himself if he made it past night one he would go from there but once he met Gabby it was all over. He didn’t care about the show or the other guys he just wanted to get to know Gabby and you could honestly feel that.

Gabby reiterates his sentiments and said that he even called him out for how he treated this girl. They both have matured tremendously since the start of The Bachelorette Season 19. Gabby put it best when she said that once you get outside of the bubble of the show you enter real life and have to deal with real-life issues. They are able to work through them and that is what marks a long-lasting relationship.

 8. The Next Bachelor

Gabby and Jesse have a short conversation about her time on the show and her future before Jesse says that the next Bachelor will be revealed next and that the audience has the power to shape their journey.

The new Bachelor is going to be Zach! This was rumored to be the one after his emotional ending with Rachel. He was speechless to finally hear it out loud but is excited about the opportunity. He says that it feels real and that he is ready to be the Bachelor. Jesse asked him about the quick transition from a broken heart with Rachel to putting himself back out there. He said the breakup actually helped him reflect and then motivate him to finally find his person, his best friend in life.

Zach said he is looking to fall in love with his best friend and find someone to spend the rest of his life with. Jesse said they are bringing in women from all over the country to meet him. Zach said that they need to be open to finding love and falling in love. He said that the limo entrance will be nerve-racking but he wants them to show their personality and the real them.

Sean Lowe was in attendance with his wife Katherine whom he met on the show. They are happily married and have been with a family now. They both shared some advice with Zach about trying to pull people aside to really learn their personalities. Sean offered the helpful advice of don’t pee in the hot tub. Jesse announced he will return as the host and be with him every step of the way.

Then the big reveal! Jesse said that Zach’s journey starts now on the live show. Some of the women from the upcoming season are in attendance tonight and will get to meet Zach. He will even have the opportunity to give out the first-impression rose…or will he? Jesse revealed that America will give out the first-impression rose via social media.

9. The Bachelor starts now…I guess

Zach’s journey will begin like no other in Bachelor history as Zach got to meet a few of the contestants in his upcoming season. Zach met Brooklyn, Brianna, Bailey, Cat, and Christina. However, fans on social media voted to see who would get the first impression rose. Out of these five, my vote would have gone to Brooklyn or Christina. Cat is someone who immediately sticks out to me as someone that could start drama.

Jesse put Zach on the spot and asked him to recall all five of the women he met and he couldn’t. He was definitely not prepared for it and was still trying to get his barrings. Fans were able to vote on social media by using the hashtag BacehlorVote following by the name of the contestant they wanted to receive the first, first-impression rose. America voted and decided to give the rose to…Brianna!

And that will do it! As one (or two) journey (ies) ends another begins. As Rachel looks to maybe rekindle a flame with Aven and Gabby and Erich walk away happily engaged, Zach gets to meet five of the women that will be on his upcoming season. His season of the Bachelor is set to premiere on January 23rd about four months away. In the meantime…Bachelor in Paradise!

Thanks to The Bachelorette Season 19 for all the drama, chaos, and well, one successful love story!

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