Will Blake Moynes return for Bachelor in Paradise?

Blake Moynes has had a very wild journey as a Bachelor Nation alum. We first met him during Clare Crawley’s quarantined season of The Bachelorette. Of course, Crawley didn’t stay the lead for very long as she left the season with Dale Moss very early on. The mantle was then handed over to Tayshia Adams, and while a lot of the contestants left, Blake Moynes decided to stay.

He made it until the ninth week but was ultimately sent home. However, his story did not end there. In fact, some would say it had only just begun. When Katie Thurston became the Bachelorette, Moynes was a late arrival and essentially pleaded his case to be brought on as a contestant.

I wouldn’t really say that Blake and Katie were meant to be because a lot of the contestants ended up leaving on their own. It left Katie with Blake Moynes and Justin Glaze at the end and she sort of just settled with Blake. I know that sounds bad, but it’s true, and that is why by October of 2021, they already called it quits.

You would think that after all that he would rather not return to the franchise. However, he hasn’t shut the door completely…

Will Blake Moynes return to a Bachelor Nation show?

Every now and then over the last year or so, rumors will begin circulating that Blake might be the next Bachelor. I mean no offense at all, but I really don’t want to see him as the lead. I just don’t think he’s equipped to be the main guy and he’s already been a contestant on The Bachelorette. So that leaves him with Bachelor in Paradise, which it seems he would (maybe) be open to coming back for.

During an Instagram Q&A, when asked if he would want to come on Paradise, Moynes first said jokingly:

“Duh, Paradise! Count it down! Can’t wait to get on that beach, get back into it.

However, he added this on a more serious note, “Probably not, never say never, but not unless it was a great opportunity for something, but I’d like to not.”

Okay so he isn’t exactly jumping to come back, but he’s not saying no either. I don’t blame him for being hesitant to do so, but who knows, maybe if he sees a contestant he thinks he could hit it off with, we just might see Blake Moynes on the beaches of Paradise.

So, Blake, you coming to Paradise or what?

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