Do Michelle and Brandon get engaged on The Bachelorette? [SPOILERS]

Can you believe we’ve already made it to hometowns week on The Bachelorette season 18? Michelle Young’s journey to finding true love has seriously flown by, and now she’s down to four fantastic guys. Her suitors going into episode 7 tonight are Brandon Jones, Nayte Olukoya, Rodney Mathews and Joe Coleman. Though there’s one man who certainly has a leg up on the competition, it still could be anyone’s game.

It’s evident by now that Michelle — and all of America — is falling for Nayte, but though he let her know her true feelings for her, Brandon had a game-changing one-on-one last week when he told Michelle he was falling in love with her. That “L” word makes all the difference in a conversation!

Still, like I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if any of these four men ended up getting down on one knee and proposing in the end. But who will Michelle ultimately choose to give her final rose to? Well, we have some intel from TV guru Reality Steve.

Spoilers ahead for The Bachelorette season 18.

Though Brandon has been a sweetheart all season, his one-on-one at Michelle’s parents’ house last week really got him noticed by viewers at home. So much so, that many are wondering if he and Michelle will get engaged at the end of this.

Well, we have the answer for you, and if you’re rooting for Brandon, it’s bad news. According to Reality Steve, Michelle and Nayte get engaged in The Bachelorette season 18 finale. But that doesn’t mean Brandon’s going home that soon. He makes it to the final two, meaning he will go through a few more rose ceremonies before being eliminated.

In an October 2021 blog post, here’s what Reality Steve said about Michelle’s winner and runner-up:

“Yesterday I gave you the spoiler that Michelle and Nayte are engaged. But of course we’d love to know who the final 2 guy was. And until yesterday, I only had pics of who it was, but couldn’t identify who it was. So speaking of random people that just happened to see Bachelor Nation filming and send me pics of it, thanks to ABC’s preview of Michelle’s season, I’ve now been able to lock down who that final 2 guy was – Brandon Jones.”

Hopefully, Michelle and Brandon’s breakup won’t be too heartbreaking.

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