Who went home on Bachelor in Paradise this week? (Season 7, episode 9)

We’re another week down on Bachelor in Paradise season 7! Episode 9 began with a tough conversation that led to a self-elimination, and then we got two new arrivals. The eventfulness didn’t stop there as contestants told each other they were falling in love, plus a major storm almost canceled the rest of Paradise!

Fortunately, the contestants returned to the beach soon after evacuating, but it was clearly a scary situation for all involved. Despite the close call, the show must go on, and once everyone came back it was time for a daytime cocktail party which was set to lead into a rose ceremony.

The day brought some couples together and pulled some apart, especially Tia Booth and Blake Monar. She was in a love triangle with Blake and James Bonsall, and wanted them both to show them how they felt about her in a big way so she could make her pick. Leading into the rose ceremony, Ivan Hall and Demar Jackson were potentially in the most danger as they didn’t have the strongest of connections.

With the ladies having all the power, the men were trying to be on their best behavior. So who went home tonight in episode 9?

Who went home on BiP this week?

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a rose ceremony this week, however, one person did go home. After talking to Joe Amabile about how unhappy she was at the beach, Kendall Long decided to self-eliminate. It was sad, but definitely the right choice for her.

Tonight’s episode ended with a major cliffhanger. Ivan pursued Chelsea Vaughn in the final minutes of the show and they even shared a kiss! Aaron saw it happen, and it didn’t take long for him to go confront Ivan. Things might get physical next week!

Be sure to tune in for Bachelor in Paradise season 7, episode 10 next Tuesday for a special three-hour event! You can catch all new episodes on ABC or with FuboTV, which is currently offering a free trial.