The Bachelor: Is Peter Weber single and ready to mingle?


Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor will not soon be forgotten, especially given the twists and turns it took before and after it aired. He went from being engaged to contestant Hannah Ann Sluss, to awkwardly breaking it off with her and then “rekindling” his romance with Madison Prewett, to finally dating Kelley Flanagan during quarantine last year.

However, not too long ago, Peter and Kelley called it quits as well, so now Bachelor Nation is curious as to what the former Bachelor’s relationship status currently is. He is living in New York City, after all, with Bachelorette alum Dustin Kendrick, and based on their social media, they are living their best lives.

But what we aren’t seeing are any special ladies in Peter’s social media, and so we can’t help but wonder, what’s his deal? Is he single? And ready to mingle? Or is just laying low and enjoying life as a single man?

While speaking with Us Weekly, Peter Weber disclosed all that and more, and what life has been like since his breakup with Kelley Flanagan. Read on to find out what he said, and if he is indeed a single man or not.

So, is Peter Weber single or what?

For any of those that have been on the end of their seats, yes, Peter is very much single following his breakup with Kelley. For a moment there it seemed like the two were pulling a Clare Crawley and Dale Moss and rekindling their romance, but as it turned out, that was not the case.

"There’s a good sense of optimism [in New York] that you’re going to meet someone. Personally, I’m not seriously dating at all, but just meeting people and having a good time and building my community. That’s what I’m doing right now."

Given that over the span of a year or so (including his time on Hannah Brown’s season) he had four different girlfriends, I think he could use this time to be single and just chill out. So, good call, Pilot Pete.

"I’ve definitely had a whirlwind of two years there in the dating department and may have been chasing relationships for a little bit too long, but I still haven’t lost any faith. I have all the faith in the world that my person is out there and we’re going to have a beautiful, beautiful life together. Just haven’t found her yet."

As Michael Buble would say, he just hasn’t met her yet!

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We wish you luck on finding “the one”, Pilot Pete!

What are your thoughts on Peter’s single status? Share your comments below!