Clare Crawley says her season”didn’t come out” the way she had hoped

Clare Crawley has been in and out of the spotlight ever since her rather strange (and very short) time as the Bachelorette. Between a quick engagement to Dale Moss resulting in a shortened season for Clare leading to their inevitable breakup to finally pictures surfacing of them rekindling their romance, it’s been quite a whirlwind.

It’s unclear where the two of them stand currently, but in either case, Bachelor Nation has been keeping a watchful eye over what’s going to happen next with Clare Crawley. Setting her relationship status aside, Clare recently spoke about her season of The Bachelorette and how it wasn’t exactly portrayed as she would have hoped.

Given how these shows are, that doesn’t come as much of a shocker. The producers are infamous for distorting situations and creating and inserting drama even when it’s not needed. And when it comes to Clare’s season, we know a lot of things went down in a very short amount of time.

Recently, Clare spoke during an Instagram interview with Girl Powerful, a non-profit organization “designed to give tween and teen girls the social and emotional learning tools to build a strong sense of self. Girl Powerful’s mission is for all girls to feel seen, valued, and heard when they need it the most.” During this interview, she opened up about the experience and the lens through which the world got to witness it–as misleading as it may have been.

Clare Crawley has thoughts on her season

Clare’s initial thought process behind attaching herself to the franchise once again was quite honorable if I do say so myself. She wanted to take the opportunity to shed light on the imperfections of being human, and how people deserve to be loved despite them.

That was one thing that propelled me to want to do The Bachelorette initially, was to be able to show the imperfections of who we are, not in a negative way, but the imperfections just in general of who we are and to be loved and to love ourselves regardless of that. And to set these standards for our heart regardless of that. I wanted to have the perfect fairytale be imperfect human beings and still be loved because of that.

But according to Clare, things “didn’t come out that way”, due to the editing process the show is famous for. Despite that, she’s still trying to look at the positive side of things.

The world may not have seen the sides of her that are goofy and personable, but those closest to her know the deal. And knowing that gives her some sense of comfort, despite all the hate she’s received since leaving her season of The Bachelorette.

It’s unknown what Clare will be getting up to in the future, but rest assured, Bachelor Nation is as invested as ever in finding out.

So, what’s the deal with Clare Crawley and Dale Moss, though?

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