Clare Crawley responds to criticism over relationship with Dale Moss

Clare Crawley has something to say to all her haters–in the nicest way possible.

Clare Crawley has been under the microscope ever since she left The Bachelorette with Dale Moss after a whirlwind romance and very quick engagement. Everyone has their opinion and their two cents to share, after all, it’s the nature of this franchise, right?

One comes to expect the criticism and scrutiny that comes with a gig like this, but at times, it is all a bit too much to bear, even for the strongest people. In case you’ve been living under a rock or haven’t gotten around to watching this season of The Bachelorette, Clare Crawley took the world by storm when she instantly fell in love with Dale Moss.

Unfortunately for the other men, it got a bit awkward as she focused all her attention on Dale, and chose to sort of overlook everyone else. Those that support Clare commend her for following her heart, while those opposed to her actions claim that she completely and totally disrespected the other contestants.

Regardless of how you might feel, Clare is now speaking her truth, trying to appeal to those that may not feel empathetic towards her.

While things haven’t been so great from the outside in, things seem to be just fine between Clare Crawley and Dale Moss. In fact, their social media boasts cute dates, beach walks, cooking together, and everything in between.

Only time will tell if external pressures will ever seep into the seemingly perfect love story they currently have. However you might feel about Clare and her journey to being with Dale, one thing is for sure–it’s nice to see people in love and we can only hope that things continue to work out between them.

At least then, it will have been worth it.

Are Clare Crawley and Dale Moss the real deal?

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