Bachelor Investigation: There’s absolutely no way Victoria Larson isn’t a hired actress

Victoria Larson is definitely the villain on this season of The Bachelor. The only problem is she’s so good at it that it simply can’t be real.

Victoria is an incredible actress. There’s absolutely no way that one person could act so rude, mean, and careless directly in the face of other unsuspecting women without being one of the world’s best actresses. For this reason, I’d like to nominate “Queen” Victoria for an academy award.

Every Bachelor or Bachelorette season has a villain. They are often either misunderstood or given a bad edit to amplify the narrative of said person being the “bad guy” of the season (Not you, Luke, you actually sucked). It’s always early-season and it’s always used to cut promos and produce drama. There’s a reason this person always gets the last rose at the rose ceremony.

I’m telling you what you already know, so let’s get to the point. Victoria is a paid actress. I am 100% sure of this. Watching her feels like watching a Saturday Night Live skit of a Bachelor villain.  Victoria isn’t edited as a mean girl. She is one. She is such a mean girl that I’m not entirely convinced she isn’t actually stealing actual lines from Mean Girls.

Seriously though, Victoria Larson is an actress

Most of the Queen of Mean’s comments always come in the background of group conversations, supporting, or fueling a heated discussion between others. When this isn’t the case, she’s openly cutting someone off and/or telling them outright why she doesn’t like them.

Do you even know how hard it is to do this? Try it. Go outside, find a person and insult them. You can’t do it! You’ll freeze! It’s not in our nature as human beings to be this mean.

Creating a backstory

Stay woke. Victoria Larson is incredible at what she’s doing (acting) on this season of The Bachelor. Whatever ABC is paying her, they need to double it. Including a mugshot “from her past” was a nice touch as well, truly adds to the narrative. It wouldn’t surprise me if they used an Instagram filter to change her hair color in this picture that was obviously taken a few days before filming began.

Notice how Victoria is often the meanest of the group when it comes to catty comments, but she isn’t the one crossing lines? It’s always someone and Victoria. MJ and Victoria. Kit and Victoria. Anna and Victoria. Vicky’s hired position is to be the ally to whoever the villain of the week is. Here’s how her casting call likely went:

ABC: “Okay, we’re trying something different this season. Instead of ruining someone’s life with a bad edit, we’re going to cast a mean girl and just see what happens.”

Victoria: “Okay. Do you want me starting rumors, or?”

ABC: “No. You simply help spread the ones the other girls invent.”

Victoria: “Should I attack any one person specifically? Perhaps focus on a stronger target, someone who can handle being insulted?”

ABC: “Nah, just call everyone a bitch. But also, side with them when they are the ones being mean. You’re basically the little devil on their shoulder.”

Victoria: “Are you sure this isn’t going to ruin my reputation?”

ABC: “Relax. Mid-season, we’ll throw you on Good Morning America or something. It’ll be fine.”

As long as Victoria sticks to name-calling and being rude, we have nothing completely damning against her. This was a genius marketing move by ABC to not have her entirely canceled before future appearances, speaking of which…

It looks as though Queen Vicky is on her way out. Next episode’s preview of The Bachelor Season 25 showed Matt James addressing the drama in the mansion and it’s highly unlikely that someone SO OUT IN THE OPEN about her dislike for others makes it through the week. That said, her Bachelor journey certainly isn’t done.

Victoria is the perfect sell for the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. They’ll throw her in every promo, quote her calling someone a “slore” and then cut in some clips of a fight on the beach (and perhaps an ambulance). We’ll later learn that Victoria wasn’t involved in the scrap and her time in Paradise is going to be relatively uneventful.

While Victoria is the prime Paradise sell, someone like Anna is not. Anna let her insecurities get the best of her in the last episode and not only potentially ruined a reputation, but shamed an entire industry in the process.

What Anna did was entirely wrong for many reasons, but notice, again, how Victoria simply stuck to name-calling throughout these interactions? Prime undercover work, V. Stay close to the problem but don’t incriminate yourself. Back to the casting process:

Victoria: “Can I also dress up in the most ridiculous looking outfits? Like, Disney villain bad?”

ABC: “Yes! That’s perfect. We’ll even give you a black eye to make you look mean.”

Victoria: “So how do we dig me out of this after the season ends?”

ABC: “We’re going to use all the mean stuff you said to tease your arrival on Bachelor in Paradise then set you up with Grocery Store Joe. Total rebrand.”

Victoria Larson is definitely going to be in Paradise and she’s set up perfectly for the Bachelor redemption arc (most likely agreed upon in her contract with ABC).

I’m on to you, Victoria, and you, ABC. While I truly dislike what you are doing, I refuse to accept that a human being is actually this mean.

Do you feel the same about Victoria Larson? Share your thoughts below!