Tyler Cameron just said Matt James ‘dodged a bullet’ not competing on Clare Crawley’s season


There’s no denying that Matt James wound up with a much better Bachelor deal than he started with. After all, it’s always better to be the one giving out the roses.

There was a moment where he might’ve started and ended his reality dating show journey as contestant on Clare Crawley’s season. Luckily, the stars aligned and he was selected for his very own season of The Bachelor instead. And apparently, Matt’s best buddy Tyler Cameron says that James “dodged a bullet” in the end.

According to Cosmopolitan, Cameron claims that things worked out for the better, without a doubt, considering the messy nature of Crawley’s Bachelorette season, which was the first season to film since COVID-19 hit the United States. Therefore, the current season airing was a chance for producers, the camera crew, and even those in front of the camera to work out the kinks of the altered format.

Tyler told E! News of Matt’s situation, “That boy is on his own. Just ’cause it’s a mess. It’s just a disaster. You know what I mean?”

The Bachelorette alum went on to explain that what he meant regarding the “mess” was not really about or aimed at Clare herself, and even seemed to sympathize with her position.

In Matt’s corner all the way, it seems that Tyler sees dodging that Bachelorette bullet as a blessing in disguise of sorts, saying, “Just to be able to jump and skip and be the Bachelor, like who, I mean, of course, good for him, so I am very happy he’s not there.”

We’re sure all of the contestants filming The Bachelor right now feel the same on that one, to say the least.

But that’s not all Tyler revealed to E! News. When it comes to “what might’ve been” between Matt James and Clare Crawley, Cameron admitted he would’ve enjoyed seeing their tension play out, and “would have loved a showdown” of sorts. Not surprising.

Continuing to imagine would could’ve happen, Tyler hypothesized that Clare and Matt’s drama this past spring would’ve come to light, speculating that the two “would have probably made that the first one-on-one date.”

“Matt would have probably gotten kicked out and it would have been hilarious,” Tyler added. Oh what might’ve been.

Still, I think all of Bachelor Nation can agree with Tyler Cameron that things are working out pretty well for Matt James right now, no matter what happens next.

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