Matt James or Tyler Cameron–who would be the better lead?


Matt James is our next Bachelor and his best friend is Tyler Cameron–but who would be the better lead?

Matt James is going to be the next Bachelor, and has already made history by being the first Black lead for the series. But before James became a history-making lead, he was best friends with (and still is) a former Bachelor Nation alum by the name of Tyler Cameron.

Yes, the very same Tyler Cameron that made our hearts melt during Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. The handsome heartthrob with a golden heart made his way into our hearts and has remained there ever since.

But given these two have been best friends for quite some time and the fact that Tyler C. was a contender for the Bachelor lead, which one of them would be better at it? I mean, I haven’t seen much of or know much about Matt James besides what I’ve seen in ‘The Quarantine Crew’ TikToks. I can’t really speak much about him, but Tyler C. would have certainly been an amazing lead. His charm, his personality, and the warmth he brings is something any woman would sign up for.

However, Cameron himself thinks BFF Matt James would be the better lead over him.

"Being the Bachelor and being the lead is a huge responsibility/ Better him than me, for sure."

According to Cameron, James is better at having those difficult conversations and handling it with grace. Him on the other hand, not so much. Well, if that’s the case then perhaps Matt is the better choice here. But then again, we saw Tyler C. handle everything that happened on The Bachelorette in stride. You guys remember that finale don’t you? It was brutal but he was so kind and understanding.

I think you might be selling yourself short, Tyler. Just saying.

In any case, I think we’re all super excited to see Matt James as the next Bachelor. It’s a diverse choice, and based on the things we’ve heard from his BFF Tyler, Matt seems like the perfect choice to be the next leading man–and you can apply to be a contestant on his season now!

But if you’re asking me? I’m totally Team Tyler C. all the way.

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Don’t you just love the bromance between these two? #Adorable

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