4 reasons why Tayshia Adams will make a great Bachelorette

Tayshia Adams (Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)
Tayshia Adams (Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images) /

The Bachelorette Season 16 is set to get a new leading lady, Tayshia Adams, in the coming episodes. When will she arrive? Why is she the right choice?

I’m sure as we all know by now, Clare Crawley is set to leave her season of The Bachelorette early all for her love (well, more like pure obsession) with the not-so-impressive Dale Moss. Many people have wondered what will happen to the rest of the guys, what the rest of the season will look like in general, and who, if anyone, is going to replace Clare herself.

In case you’re not up to date with all of the rumors and drama floating around, or if you simply tuned out of the end of week three’s episode, then you should know that Tayshia Adams, who made it to the finale of Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, will be Clare’s replacement!

Tayshia Adams is set to become the new leading lady on The Bachelorette Season 16, replacing Clare, and we could not be more excited for her!

Here’s just a few reasons as to why Tayshia Adams will make the most perfect Bachelorette, and a much better choice than Clare Crawley:

  1. She’s (relatively) drama-free for the most part.
  2. She’s far less obnoxious than Clare.
  3. She’s not like other previous contestants/Bachelorettes.
  4. She’s got the right personality for it.

Let’s break down these reasons a bit more…

1. Tayshia’s (relatively) drama-free

Honestly, Tayshia didn’t really cause a whole lot of drama and stir-ups when she was competing for Colton’s heart. You didn’t hear much about her or her name being dragged into verbal arguments during that season.

Additionally, not once did you hear her name in the news post-season that involved drama.

2. Clare’s definitely more obnoxious

I mean, come on, I think we can all agree here that Clare is just a bit too much. The Bachelorette Season 16 came at the perfect time as a little mental escape from all the rest of the juice going on in the world during such pressing times for all. Between her yelling and sending people home for no apparent reason, Clare just needs to go run away with Little Dale already.

And let’s just say for the record here that I don’t see Tayshia doing that anytime soon.

3.  Tayshia’s not Like many other previous females on the shows

Tayshia, unlike most females from past seasons and all that, is very calm, cool, and collected. Many girls like Tayshia, prior to The Bachelorette Season 16, who were nice and calm didn’t make it too far. Maybe it was a production thing, and maybe the crazies really are that likable; either way, Tayshia’s unique in her own little ways.

4. Her personality is golden

Going off of what you saw in the previous section, Tayshia’s got that laid back personality. So laid back that should you cross her and make her mad, you better be a fast runner because she will cut you, come after you, and make sure you know all about it.

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It’s almost time for Tayshia Adams’ grand entrance! Are you as excited as we are?!

Do you think Tayshia Adams will make a great replacement for Clare Crawley on The Bachelorette Season 16? If so or if not, be sure to drop us some comments down below!