The Bachelorette: Has Tayshia Adams replaced Clare Crawley?

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Tayshia Adams is your next/new/replacement Bachelorette?

Tayshia Adams has been all over the news this week amidst speculations that she might be replacing Clare Crawley as the Bachelorette. The rumor mill has been churning like crazy, but we have no official word as of yet from The Bachelorette production or ABC.

The Tayshia Adams theory popped up on Reddit earlier this week when the owner of a Bachelor spoiler account stated that messages had been coming in regarding Clare’s season. Allegedly, production was running into a lot of issues with Clare, and there was even rumors of her cancelling everything that was supposed to happen on the Saturday before.

Admittedly, I’ll be pretty bummed if Clare is truly out because I think many of us were super excited about her being our next Bachelorette. We waited months for it, literally. They pushed for it in every single commercial and interview, and even her being a bit older than the usual lead was inspiring.

Tayshia and the eliminated contestants

The unverified information gets more interesting as the post goes on to allege that Tayshia Adams was called in to replace Clare, and that she is currently quarantining at the resort. If this is all indeed true, then it makes sense as to why eliminated contestants were being called and asked to come back.

Firstly, they’ve all been vetted which makes the process of selecting contestants significantly easier, and secondly, they can just get back to filming as soon as possible (after quarantining, of course). I was wondering why contestants would need to be called back, and now it’s starting to make more sense.

Bachelor Nation spoiler guru Reality Steve has been relentlessly looking into the rumors, and doing his due diligence to get to the bottom of this mystery. But I have a feeling ABC is going to have to announce something very, very soon.

Clare and contestant Dale Moss

Apart from eliminated contestants being asked to come back, the other piece of speculation is regarding the first impression rose. According to Life & Style, Clare allegedly was ready to walk away after 12 days because she had “fallen in love” with “the one”, aka Dale Moss.

Reality Steve wasn’t quite convinced this could be the case, though.

Let’s just hope that the reason she possibly became fussy was because she truly found “the one” in just a short few weeks. That would be best case scenario–and would make her potential exit a bit easier to contend with.

Clare is a woman who follows her own heart so if she truly felt that way, I have no doubt she’d just go for it.

Okay, so who is Tayshia Adams?

The world met Tayshia during Colton’s season of The Bachelor and can’t soon forget the painful goodbye following Fantasy Suites. But the pain was short-lived as she went on to Bachelor in Paradise and had a whirlwind romance with the quirky and lovable John Paul Jones (from Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette). Unfortunately, they didn’t end up together, but fortunately, this may have worked out in her favor.

Well, if being the Bachelorette was on her bucket list, that is.

Would Tayshia make a good Bachelorette?

Honestly, I truly think so. I know people have varied opinions about her, and there are a lot of feelings regarding her potentially replacing Clare, but it just might work. She is outspoken, has a strong personality, and really came into her own as a Bachelor Nation alum.

She has no problem going for what she wants, and doesn’t hide her feelings. Case in point? Remember when she showed up at John Paul Jones’ doorstep to confess her feelings and just give their relationship a try? It’s not easy to admit you might have been wrong, especially when it comes to relationships, so I commend her for that.

I can see her making these brave, bold choices as the lead, so I’m definitely here for it–if it is truly happening.

I’m not sure if/when they will give us any update, but if Tayshia Adams truly is the next Bachelorette, it could be announced as soon as this week. Hypothetically, during this week’s (or next week’s) The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever.

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It seems like the perfect place to drop the news, so be vigilant, folks! 

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