Best memes from The Bachelorette season 16 premiere

The time has come! On Tuesday night, we finally were reintroduced to Clare Crawley, this time in the leading lady spot for The Bachelorette season 16. After months of delays due to COVID-19 safety concerns, the ABC franchise is officially back and supposedly more dramatic than ever.

As Chris Harrison promised, this is seemingly shaping up to be the most dramatic season ever, and the premiere episode was already beginning to brew a mess. From Clare obviously super in love with Dale from the moment he stepped out of the limo, to Tyler C. and Yosef having some really petty and pointless drama (which sent Tyler C. home), viewers are ready for things to get crazier.

We don’t know when (or really, if) Tayshia Adams will enter the season, but until then, we apparently have tons of drama to get through with Clare and her suitors.

While this premiere episode was much more of a slow introduction than we had hoped for, the preview for the upcoming weeks has us hyped. And of course, absolutely nothing could be too slow to stop the tweets and memes. Twitter last night had a field day, and we know you’re here to check out the hilarious reactions.

Oh, and want to buy that farting ring Zack J. presented Clare with during his entrance? You totally can! Check out the link here.

The Bachelorette season 16 premiere memes

Without further ado, here are the best memes from the season 16 premiere!

1. Clare’s Bachelor Nation recap totally snubbed Benoit.

2. Was this supposed to look so staged?

3. Clare’s apparently not giving any other man her time.

4. I wish I slept through that whole COVID-19 introduction.

5. I mean, seriously. We’re all living through it!

6. We need all the wine to get through this.

7. It’s such a tease!

8. I was falling asleep during the first introduction for the men.

9. Must be nice to feel so free and safe.

10. I knew that looked familiar!

11. The moment we were all waiting for!

12. Yeah, they really played up that “Clare is 39” thing.

13. Some of the limo entrances were cringe-worthy.

14. We just really have questions about Bennett.

15. Not a fan. At all.

16. The moon pies really started some drama.

17. Even if this episode was dull, I’m still fully in.

18. My patience is really going to be tested this season.

19. Just go get married already!

20. The live tweets are always worth keeping up with.

Need more memes and drama? Me too. Make sure to tune into The Bachelorette for episode 2 next Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. ET!