Your DM drama is boring: Can I Steal You? talks Clare’s Bachelorette premiere

Clare’s Bachelorette season is off to a slow start with too much quarantine coverage and lackluster drama.

It’s hard to build back momentum when you spend 40 minutes on behind-the-scenes scene-setting, but that’s just what The Bachelorette choose to do with arguably the most anticipated premiere in the show’s history.

After a spicy full season teaser, The Bachelorette spent nearly an hour recapping the last six-plus months of Bachelor Nation in meticulous detail, from Clare’s announcement as the Bachelorette to the first castings and eventual quarantine. Then, viewers were treated to Big Brother esque footage first of Clare quarantining, getting tested for COVID and running around the LaQuinta campus, Sound of Music-style, and then footage of the same thing for a bunch of suitors who we still managed to know very little about.

Then, finally, just shy of the hour mark, we got to the limo intros. To be fair, those limo intros did not disappoint, with some truly bizarre choices (a straight jacket? really?) and relatively innocuous moments we read far, far too much into (hello, Dale!). Of course, it wouldn’t be a Bachelor(ette) premiere without some manufactured cocktail party drama taking away valuable time with our eligible lead and some inexplicably emotional exit interviews from a previously unseen suitor (Page, we hardly knew you).

Ultimately, not a lot happened but we had a lot of opinions, so let’s talk about it.

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Your DM Drama is Boring (Bachelorette Season 16 Premiere)

The most anticipated season of the Bachelorette is finally here and…Clare’s premiere was a little anti-climatic! Ashley, Shea and Natalie get into the surreal quarantine segment, best and worst limo intros and more in this week’s Can I Steal You for a Second?

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