The Bachelorette Season 16: Pre-season power rankings

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GSJ Wannabes

These guys are going home night one. Best case: They become the next Grocery Store Joe and become an overnight internet sensation, who parlays (gambling!) that into Bachelor In Paradise, and then parlays (gambling!!!) that into an appearance on Dancing With The Stars. Also best case: Their lives won’t be ruined because they went on a reality television program because they were only there for one night. Just don’t do anything stupid!

31. Tyler C. (300-1)

I’m sorry new Tyler C., but there’s quite literally no way that you’re going to become the first Tyler C. to win this show if the OG Tyler C. (Cameron) didn’t make the cut last season. I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

30. Chris (300-1)
29. AJ (200-1)
28. Jordan C. (200-1)
27. Demar (100-1)

Demar is my nominee to be the next Grocery Store Joe. Chris Harrison referred to him as a potential fan favorite when he initially introduced the cast. He’s a popular spin instructor with a big personality. He’s 26 years old and his dream job is to be a DJ on the Vegas Strip. That doesn’t seem to be what Clare is looking for at this point, so I think 100-1 may even be a bit generous. With that said, I have high expectations and expect Demar to do great things for Bachelor Nation in the years to come.

26. Page (100-1)
25. Brendan (100-1)

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