The Bachelor Season 21: Where is Corrine Olympios now?


Where is the forever napping, pasta loving Corrine Olympios now?

Corrine Olympios made an impression on Bachelor Nation from the get-go, specifically from the moment the words “I have a nanny” came out of her mouth during Nick Viall’s season. She wasn’t the type of woman that the rest of the contestants wanted to befriend, and with every passing moment, she only seemed to piss off those around her.

But that was then. And in the years since despite the drama she faced during Bachelor in Paradise, Corrine Olympios has gone on to change into a very different person. We saw for ourselves during her interview with Chris Harrison on The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever when she owned up to the past and introduced her boyfriend, Vincent Fratantoni.

What has Corrine Olympios been up to lately?

After The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, Corrine went on to start her own clothing line, Team Corn, in collaboration with Riot Society which featured t-shirts with her famous catchphrases on them. She is the multi-million dollar entrepreneur after all, remember?

But the clothing line isn’t the only thing Corrine Olympios got up to in the years since her Bachelor Nation shenanigans. She’s performed at comedy clubs and signed up at a production company in the hopes of becoming a TV host one day. Suffice to say, the girl has been busy!

What about her love life?

Well, as I’ve already mentioned, Corrine is currently living with her boyfriend Vincent, but she was engaged to a man named Jon Yunger. But they broke up three months into their relationship due to differences in opinion and with the discomfort he felt watching her on The Bachelor (which aired soon after she got with him).

While Corrine Olympios’ time on The Bachelor was a tumultuous one, we can all agree that she has certainly grown up in the time since. It may be difficult to ever shake off the image of the Corrine that was always napping and talking about her nanny, but credit should be given where it is due.

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Kudos to Corrine Olympios for growing from her very controversial Bachelor Nation run!

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