The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever: The weirdest moments from Juan Pablo’s season


The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever ends with Juan Pablo Galavis’ season–and some of the weirdest moments from his time as the Bachelor.

Well, Bachelor Nation, we made it to end of the quarantine enforced season of The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever! FINALLY. Sigh it was just all so long, ya know? And boy, did we end on a feisty one.

Chris Harrison led the way one last time as we journeyed back to the Latin lover with the accent that wouldn’t quit despite the words that came out of his mouth. Yes, I’m talking about the one and only Juan Pablo Galavis. Unfortunately for Juan, the best thing to come out of his season was obviously getting to see the origins of our newest Bachelorette, Clare Crawley, and all her boss babe moves that made her who she is today. Sorry, not sorry, Mr. It’s Okay.

And what would The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever finale be without one more round of weird and worst moments? Let’s break it down.

Night one and introductions brought us Lucy Aragon, the free spirit who decided to show everyone in America just how free she really is, with a naked video of her frolicking in hose water in her backyard. She completed the look with a floral crown and some carefully placed black boxes to cover the *ahem* important parts.

Lucy decided to really make her personality known after she met Juan and got comfy immediately by placing her bare feet right on Juan’s lap. The only one who enjoyed it was Lucy and unsurprisingly their two lives didn’t vibe.

Other weird night limo night moments included our girl Clare Crawley who popped out with a giant baby bump, Amy Jokinen giving Juan a massage in the driveway, and poor Chelsie Webster who was so non-memorable that our Bachelor legit forgot her name and had to ask what it was while they were snuggling up in the photo booth. Ouch.

Something seems a bit fishy

One group date got especially fishy, and I don’t mean just based on Juan’s less than straightforward behavior. The ladies dipped their toes into a pedicure with some little friends to nibble away the dead skin as quickly as they fell for Juan Pablo’s accent. Yes, the fish were biting and screams were all around and it wasn’t quite what everyone bargained for. But awkward always makes for good TV!

With Juan Pablo you knew the heartbreaking moments were coming and his season was extra terrible for many of our contestants.

They say bad things come in three’s and opera singer, Sharleen Joynt took the leading role and gave her curtain call right before hometowns when she decided to send herself home. Sadly, Sharleen just didn’t think she could get there with Juan and made the difficult decision to take herself out of the running for his heart. It was very emotional despite the fact that she knew it was the right decision. And the first of many bullets dodged!

The most awkward Fantasy Suite date ever

Second in line for awful moments during The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever came when the fantasy suites rolled around and Andi Dorfman’s evening did not go as planned. She put it mildly when she said she “couldn’t leave the fantasy suite fast enough.”

After the less than ideal night, Andi confronted Juan as she informed him that he didn’t know her at all and she was also making her exit. His response was that it was “okay” and this pushed Andi even more over the edge making her feel like homeboy didn’t care about her or take the whole process seriously. Frustrating to say the least, Andi left feeling angry and offended and left Juan for greener pastures.

Clare takes a stand

Last, but not least was our newest Bachelorette, Clare and her iconic shutdown of Juan and his rude, inappropriate behavior at the final rose ceremony. A true girl power moment, Clare gave the Bachelor a piece of her mind when she informed him that he was not the man she thought he was.

She sealed his fate by exclaiming that deserves so much more including complete respect and a real man to be the father of her children before peacing out as a single lady. You go, girl!

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Can’t wait for Clare to bring that no nonsense attitude back for her own journey to find love.

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