The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever: Season 1, episode 10 recap


The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever revisits Juan Pablo Galavis’s season of The Bachelor.

The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever traveled back to Juan Pablo Galavis’ season of The Bachelor. The next Bachelorette, Clare Crawley, was a contestant on Juan’s season. She had an infamous limo entrance because she was wearing a fake baby bump.

Juan seemed like a fantastic Bachelor at first. But his season is known as the worst season of The Bachelor for a couple of reasons. Before we explore what went wrong, here were the women of Juan’s season of The Bachelor.

The women of Juan Pablo’s season

Sharleen Joynt, the opera singer, had her first kiss with Juan in the middle of a soccer field. She felt torn after a fantastic date. Sharleen said goodbye to Juan before hometown dates because she didn’t feel ready for marriage. Chris Harrison checked in with Sharleen tonight during The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever. She mentioned that she and Juan didn’t get each other’s jokes and wasn’t prepared for Juan to meet her parents. Sharleen’s happy now and has been married for a few years.

Andi Dorfman felt like she was in a real relationship with Juan but had a horrible time with him in the Fantasy Suite. She didn’t feel like Juan knew her at all. They had a strange conversation that led to their breakup. But no worries, Andi’s doing well now! She lives in Los Angeles now–and is currently single.

Clare and Juan had a strong connection. She loved how he spoke about his daughter. Juan was extremely attracted to her and loved seeing her in sweatpants. Clare and Juan had a rare moment that didn’t involve cameras. During that brief time, Juan said he didn’t know Clare very well but enjoyed hooking up with her. Clare didn’t feel confident in their relationship after he said that.

But Clare decided she understood where Juan was coming from and continued dating him. The tides turned drastically during the couple’s final moments, though. Clare thought she would receive a proposal, but Juan told her goodbye instead.

Nikki Ferrell was confident in her relationship with Juan. She wanted to be a part of his life and said she loved him. Juan had a ring in his pocket, but he wasn’t ready to propose. They left the show together but not engaged. During their After the Final Rose, Chris asked if Juan loved Nikki, and he refused to say if he did or not. Chris didn’t know what to say.

Nikki said life after The Bachelor was awkward. She spent a ton of time defending Juan and saying he was a nice guy. They were together for a year, but they never lived in the same city. Nikki didn’t want to move since Juan never said he loved her. Nikki is still a nurse and happily married to a long-term friend.

Quarantine check-in

Chris asked Trista Sutter and Kaitlyn Bristowe about what went wrong during Juan’s season of The Bachelor. The ladies said Juan had no respect for the women and a language barrier wasn’t an excuse. They believed his charm might have clouded the women, so they didn’t pick up on the red flags.

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Tonight may have been the final episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever, but hey don’t worry Bachelor Nation, the next season of The Bachelorette premieres October 13, 2020!

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