The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever: The weirdest moments from Nick Viall’s season


The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever reminded us of these very strange moments from Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor.

After a couple weeks off of not having Chris Harrison on our television screens, The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever was back Monday night with the return of no one’s favorite villain, Nick Viall. Yes, it was ‘fourth times the charm’, ‘maybe it won’t end in heartbreak and maybe Bachelor Nation won’t continue to hate me’, for Nick Viall as he got yet another chance at love.

We journeyed back to 2017 to witness 30 women flood the mansion to prove that our Bachelor isn’t the horrible guy everyone thought he was. Nick was skeptical that he could pull this off, as were many of the ladies, and we got a plethora of weird and worst moments that made his season memorable.

Let the weirdness commence

Starting things off strongly, we would be remiss to not acknowledge the weirdness that popped out of the limo on night one. (Is anyone surprised at this point that the crazy shows up immediately?!)

Taylor Nolan came in super hot and began her journey with Nick by telling him flat out that all her friends think he’s a “piece of sh*t” and that she shouldn’t be there in the first place. Very aggressive strategy, Taylor! Nick was caught off guard to say the least, but Taylor got past this and hung on for quite awhile before she was sent home without a rose.

The other weirdest entrance had to be none other than “Is she a dolphin or a shark?” Alexis Waters who swore up and down that she dressed as a dolphin when everyone else, both watching from their couches and experiencing it firsthand, knew otherwise. Confused Alexis took it a step farther by taking a dip in the pool and testing out her costume’s swimming ability mid cocktail party. Alexis, never change. And thank you The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever for the hilarious reminder.

The group date is always a great opportunity for weirdness and Nick’s season gave us a couple good examples. From the cow milking date on the farm to spending the night in a haunted house in New Orleans, things were definitely unique. But the weirdest group date had to be the initial bride photo shoot. The ladies are here to find a husband after all.

The awkward bridal shoot

There was the princess bride, the rock-n-roll bride, and of course the Adam & Eve, but things took a turn for the sexy and the awkward with Corrine Olympios and her bikini bride ensemble. Making a big move towards becoming the most hated woman in the house, Corrine decided to simply discard her white bikini top and instead have Nick use his hands as they canoodled in the pool and sucked face for the camera. It was uncomfortable for everyone, to be honest. And villain Corrine was born!

The emotionally heavy moments

Worst moments for Nick were all around, but one of the absolute worst had to be when Kristina Schulman had her one-on-one and she shared the heart-wrenching story of her upbringing. Growing up very poor in Russia, Kristina was forced to eat lipstick when she didn’t have any food and ended up in an orphanage before having the opportunity to be adopted and move to America. She made the insanely hard choice to leave her orphanage siblings for the possibility of a better life outside of her home country, and it was very emotional to watch. Sending all the hugs your way, Kristina! Keep being your amazingly strong self!

No break-up is a good break-up, but poor Raven Gates had one of the worst break-ups the Bachelor franchise has ever seen. After overcoming walking in on her ex-boyfriend cheating on her, Raven thought she had found love once again with Nick and was completely blindsided when he instead chose Vanessa Grimaldi at the final rose ceremony. It was devastating to see our Southern girl lose out and be completely crushed. Raven, we love you girl and you are better off without him!

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And just like that, only one week of The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever left!

Tune in next week as we watch the OG villain himself, Juan Pablo Galavis and his train wreck of a season that luckily brought us our next Bachelorette, Claire Crawley!