The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever: Season 1, episode 9 recap

(ABC/Rick Rowell) NICK VIALL
(ABC/Rick Rowell) NICK VIALL /

The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever revisits Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor.

The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever took us back to Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor tonight. Nick was a controversial Bachelor pick because he was given multiple shots at finding love in prior seasons of the franchise. But alas, Nick was cast as the Bachelor and had some of the most memorable women in his season.

Corinne and Taylor’s feud

One of the most controversial group dates involved the women dressing up as brides and taking wedding pictures with Nick. Thankfully, The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever reminded of us this very awkward moment.

Jealousy was floating in the air as Taylor Nolan shared a very sweet, intimate kiss with Nick. Then Corinne Olympios took her photo shoot to the next level by removing her swimsuit top in the pool.

Corinne was a bold woman. On the first night, Corinne was Nick’s first kiss. She had several unique moments with Nick, like jumping in a bouncy castle. One of the most confusing moments was when everyone discovered Corinne had a nanny still. None of the women thought she was ready for marriage because she was 24 years old with a nanny. Corinne was famous for her naps too, in fact, she even slept through a rose ceremony. Taylor was the most vocal about his dislike for Corinne.

The Corinne and Taylor feud was a big part of Nick’s season. Corinne felt bullied since Taylor said Corinne didn’t have the emotional intelligence to marry Nick. The two never seemed to get along and there was constant tension between the two. Eventually, they had a two-on-one day where Nick chose Corinne over Taylor.

Nick’s final three women

Nick’s final three women were Rachel Lindsay, Raven Gates, and Vanessa Grimaldi. He felt very comfortable around Rachel, who happened to receive his first impression rose. She was a lawyer with a strong love for family. During their hometown date, Rachel took him to church, and he met her family. Meeting her family was a big deal because she knew she could fall in love with Nick if her family approved of him. Rachel’s family liked Nick, she was falling in love with him, but unfortunately, he said goodbye after their hometown date.

As a couple, Nick and Raven shared many fun moments and laughs. Nick thought the boutique owner was a passionate woman, but he chose Vanessa in the end.

Vanessa was a teacher from Montreal, Canada, and the couple had an instant connection. They had several fun dates and always seemed to laugh when they were together. Nick had a tearful proposal for Vanessa, and she accepted. The pair didn’t work out after the show, sadly. Vanessa moved to the U.S., and all the new aspects of her life caused their relationship turmoil.

But hey, Vanessa is in love with a fellow Canadian now!

Quarantine check-in

During The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever, Chris checked in with Alexis Waters, who infamously wore a dolphin costume on the first night. During the video interview, Alexis was wearing her costume and proclaimed it was a dolphin and not a shark.

Chris checked in with Taylor and Corinne too, who both mentioned being over the situation. They haven’t chatted since their time on the show, but they are both doing well now.

Raven chatted with Chris about how she was after the show, and how the breakup blindsided her. However, in the days and years since, Raven met Adam Gottschalk on Bachelor in Paradise. They are engaged but haven’t been able to have their wedding yet due to the pandemic.

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Next week, The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever, will show Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor.

What do you hope they will show from his season? Tell us in the comments below!