The Bachelor Season 25: Are they filming in the East Coast?


The Bachelor Season 25 may be heading to the East Coast for Matt James’ journey towards finding love.

The Bachelor Season 25 is going to be one for the ages as Matt James takes the mantle as the lead. But I think we’ve all been wondering whether or not the series will get to film on time or if it too will face major setbacks as The Bachelorette Season 16 did.

Well, luckily for it, The Bachelorette has a system that they’ve set in place and seems to be working so far as filming continues. They’ve surrounded themselves in a bubble much like the NBA, and have placed stringent safety protocols to ensure that everyone is healthy and safe.

With the coronavirus pandemic not quite over yet, it looks like James season of The Bachelor may have to follow in the footsteps of its sister show by creating its own bubble. But where exactly will this bubble be? Will they stick to La Quinta Resort & Spa?

According to Bachelor Nation guru, Reality Steve, that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, it’s allegedly filming at an East Coast resort, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, in Farmington, Pennsylvania. If the name or the pictures you’e no doubt looked up appear familiar, that’s because this place has been visited by Bachelor Nation before.

Specifically during JoJo Fletcher’s season where the controversial Chad Johnson was finally sent home (to everyone’s relief). Oh gosh, we can never remove that horror from our minds!

As you can see from Reality Steve’s tweet, the resort has dates blocked out from September all the way through Thanksgiving. This just so happens to coincide with the months that the show is normally filmed, so it’s starting to appear like The Bachelor Season 25 may be heading to Pennsylvania after all.

If you thought the La Quinta Resort & Spa was a sight for sore eyes, wait until you see Nemacolin.

Hold on a second while I catch my breath.

This resort spans out over 2,000 acres, has multiple types of lodging, its own casino, an equestrian center, and a place to go downhill skiing. I know they don’t get to travel internationally for the time being, but is there really a need to when you’re filming at a place like this?

As for why the decision to film out of California is potentially being made, I can’t really say for sure. But it does make sense so we don’t have to watch another season at the same locale for the entire duration of the season. It helps mix things up since they are confined to one location, something that had never been done in the franchise prior to this.

If all goes well, we will likely get to see The Bachelor Season 25 premiere in January 2021–around the time it usually airs. Of course, this is all contingent on the plans they will have to set into place given the coronavirus concerns that are still very much something to worry about. Since they already have done it for The Bachelorette, hopefully the transition to Matt’s season will be a bit easier and quicker.

ABC has yet to confirm the location of Matt James’ season, but given the brilliant sleuth work of Reality Steve and his followers, I’m fairly certain we have already figured it out.

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Here’s to hoping we’ll be back in the midst of Bachelor Nation shows very, very soon.

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