The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever: The weirdest moments from Ali Fedotowsky’s season


The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever takes us on another wild ride!

This week’s episode of The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever followed Ali Fedotowsky and her man-drama filled adventure for true love. And, boy, was it a messy one!

There was heartbreak, betrayal, a fake wrestler, secret girlfriends, and so much excitement that Chris Harrison could hardly keep it together. His use of the word “man-drama” was so excessive and I could not handle it, in the best way possible. Once again, bless you and your hosting abilities, Mr. Harrison.

Who remembers Rated-R’s power move?

Let’s take it back ten years ago and get into the weirdest and worst moments brought to you at the expensive of poor Ali who only wanted to find The One.

The Bachelor franchise has seen it’s share of odd jobs held by the contestants, but one of the more weird and memorable careers was held by Justin, the pro-wrestler whose stage name is “Rated-R.” Justin decided to showcase his less than traditional role with a t-shirt worn under his suit and popped top, Superman style to show Ali his alter-ego off on night one.

The weirdness of Justin continued throughout the season, but his next off the wall move came when he literally hobbled miles down the road on his crutches to sneakily visit Ali on the down-low. Ali was impressed, if not concerned about his mental state, but the rest of the dudes were less than thrilled about this attempted show-off power move.

Sexy calendars and Speedos

In weird date land, our group of guys stripped down and slipped on Speedos for a sexy man calendar that made everyone who participated feel awkward AF. I’m not saying Bachelor Nation didn’t appreciate the amount of skin, but at this early point in the show’s life the men were not as used to being blatantly objectified.

Worst moments for Ali came hard and fast and utterly destroyed her trust in men as a whole. (At least I assume so anyway. You’ll see what I mean.) It’s a miracle she made it to the end of this thing, to be honest.

Running away from the truth like…

Lying and hiding a secret relationship is one thing, but physically running away from the lady you’re doing the lying and hiding from is never the solution. Shady gentlemen, take notes: If you’re going to be a loser, at least admit it when you’re caught in the trap of the truth! But I digress.

Justin came in with his charm and exciting entertainer’s lifestyle and forgot to mention one very important detail; that he had a girlfriend back home. Unluckily for Rated-R, Ali got a call from a Bachelor gal pal AND the secret girlfriend revealing the ugly truth about no one’s favorite wrestler.

When Ali decided to confront Justin, he ran away from the whole situation and refused to talk it out. I mean, he ran as fast as his boot-wearing, still not totally recovered leg could take him. Straight through the bushes as a matter of fact. It was super rude and Ali deserved way better, but good riddance and good-bye!

Scorned times two

One man in love with someone else sucks, but two is frankly awful and seriously how does Ali have the worst luck?? As the end was near, Frank made a secret trip to visit his ex-girlfriend and confirm that things were really over only to FALL BACK IN LOVE WITH HER INSTEAD. Bro, why are you like this?

Luckily, Frank did not take Justin’s lead and ripped it off like a band-aid and told Ali immediately that he had these feelings thus crushing her, but letting her be free to give her final rose to Roberto. A happy ending at last!

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