The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever: Season 1, episode 7 recap

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The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever revisits Ali Fedotowsky’s season of The Bachelorette.

The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever went back to show us Ali Fedotowsky’s very dramatic season of The Bachelorette. Ali received many awkward serenades and went on several adventurous dates. She even had two men leave the show because of previous relationships.

The men of Ali Fedotowsky’s season

Ali’s season had several unusual dates. She rode on a scooter with Chris Lambton and walked across a high wire with Roberto Martinez. The aspiring screenwriter Frank Neuschaefer was the one who caught Ali’s eyes first, though. They had a fun date driving around town in a vintage car, visiting the Hollywood celebrity stars, and hung out next to the Hollywood sign.

Ali went on a unique two-on-one date with Kasey Kahl and Justin Rego. Kasey got a tattoo earlier in the season to express his feelings for Ali. But she gave Justin the rose and left Kasey. Chris Harrison checked in with Kasey to see if he regretted the tattoo. He has the tattoo still but added his anniversary date with his wife.

The drama continued when Chris joined Ali and revealed Justin had a girlfriend outside of the show. Ali was upset that she had wasted her time on Justin and that he had been lying the entire time.

The heartbreak didn’t end with Justin. Frank was experiencing concerns because he was in love with his ex-girlfriend still. They had a tearful goodbye. Chris checked in with how Frank was doing now. He and Ali caught up after the show, and Frank celebrated his first anniversary with his wife Jen recently.

Ali’s final two men were Chris and Roberto. She and Chris had several things in common and bonded over his love of family. Chris’s family loved Ali and said she was a keeper. But before the finale, Ali let Chris go home knowing that she was in love with Roberto.

Roberto proposed to Ali, and they left the show happily together. But they split up after a year together. Chris didn’t follow up with Roberto, but Ali is happily married with two small children now.

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Next week, The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever will show us Jason Mesnick’s season of The Bachelor. 

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