The Bachelor: Would Brad Womack be the lead for a third time?


Is the third time the charm for the man who has been the Bachelor twice already?

The Bachelor has only had one lead to have attempted the journey twice, and that brave individual is Brad Womack. A couple of weeks ago The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever looked back at his seasons, reminding us his journey was one to remember for the ages.

Many will recall his first time around with the gig, he opted not to pick anyone–at all. It stirred up quite the controversy, but The Bachelor franchise gave him another shot at love. The next time around he did pick someone, Emily Maynard, but that relationship didn’t work out in the long run.

But in the years since then, has the Bachelor (times two) ever considered giving the series a third try? I mean third time’s the charm, right? During an interview on The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever, Womack expresses his strong resistance to coming back on.

But that didn’t stop Chris Harrison from nudging him a little bit anyway.

Well, besides the fact that taking on a series like this three times sounds utterly exhausting, there is another reason why Womack doesn’t see a need to go on anyway. Why is that?

Because, he’s in LOVE! Yay!

Who is the lucky lady? Bachelor Nation, meet Jena Mays! The couple started dating about 3 years ago and they are head over heels in love with one another. Don’t you all just love a love story?!

It seems like Brad is doing well for himself, and has bounced back since his controversial days on The Bachelor, which were certainly a rough time for him given the backlash of his decision. But now, he’s with Jena living in Austin, and the owner of multiple bars, which you can visit the next time you find yourself there.

Here’s to wishing Brad a happy, Bachelor-free life ahead!

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Third time may be the charm, but Brad Womack doesn’t need it!

Would you have liked to see Brad Womack as the Bachelor for the third time? Share your comments below!