The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever: 3 Brad Womack moments we did not see

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Brad Womack
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The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever revisited Brad Womack’s two seasons last night, but neglected these three dramatic moments!

Last night, The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever focused on Brad Womack, the first and only Bachelor to get two seasons all to himself (although it’s hard to believe Ben Higgins wasn’t offered a second time!). The Austin, TX bar owner was thought to be the “sexiest Bachelor ever,” as Chris Harrison had no trouble reminding Brad of at the start of his first season.

As we all know, the sexy Bachelor ended his first season alone, a fact that I genuinely appreciated at the time, and even more so now. Brad refused to give the show and the viewers the happily ever after they wanted, making him unique as Bachelors go. In doing so, he showed that “following your heart” doesn’t always mean ending up with someone!

In what turned out to be a great move by the show, Brad returned a few seasons later for a second chance at love. This provided such a unique opportunity to see the lead as an actual person, rather than an ideal man placed on a pedestal. Imagine if we got to see Peter or Juan Pablo, or really any lead, three years later, reflecting on what makes them tick and the mistakes they made?

Brad’s second season was full of this reflection, but also served up a healthy dose of classic drama from women who would go on to become household names in Bachelor Nation, such as the unforgettable Michelle Money.

The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever did a nice job of recapping the highlights from Brad’s two seasons last night, but there wasn’t enough time to see everything! Several moments from Brad’s second season did not make the screen last night, and there are three in particular that must not go unnoticed!