Does Madison Prewett have a new man in her life?

All eyes are on Madison Prewett and Baltimore Orioles prospect Adley Rutchsman.

Madison Prewett has left the dramatic days of Peter Weber and The Bachelor behind her. I mean why wouldn’t she? After that debacle with Peter and the infamous Barb, I don’t think she cares to even look back.

She’s looking ahead to the future and living her best life. In fact, her and Hannah Ann Sluss, have become super close friends and even hung out together recently. I wonder how that made Peter feel? It’s got to be weird to see the final two women from your season bond over their mutual distaste for you.

But aside from making friends, it looks like there may be a romance brewing between Madison Prewett and a Baltimore Orioles prospect, Adley Rutschman. According to Fansided’s BirdsWatcher, the two were seen flirting back and forth via comments on Prewett’s latest Instagram post.

Here’s the post for reference.

As you can see, Prewett is offering dinner on her for two in exchange for finishing up her “Roses are red” poem. Plenty of people jumped at this opportunity, but it’s Rutschman who caught her eye.

Roses are red, violets are blue…. I’ll change your name to Rutschman from Prew.

Talk about about flirtatious! I’m totally here for it.

But wait, it gets better. This is her response.

Woah this is moving really fast….. first I need to know how do you say that last name?

And then here comes Rutschman with the home run (hehe) comment.

Guess we will have something to talk about over dinner then (winky face emoji).

Okay, Rutschman–we see you! Someone has got the moves, and they’re not afraid to use them.

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“Okay, now smile” #pictureday

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What might just be the cherry on top of this potential relationship is the fact that Madison Prewett and Adley Rutschman are both devout Christians. Prewett has been very vocal about her faith and according to BirdsWatcher, Rutschman has Colossians 3:23 in his Instagram bio.

However, there were circulating rumors about Prewett and former Bachelor (and newly single) Colton Underwood as well. So now I’m just curious and low-key loving Madison doing her thing. More power to you, girl!

Is this a match made in heaven? Um, I would say so, and I am totally in for a romance between these two.

What do you think of Adley Rutschman putting it all out there in potential pursuit of Madison? Share your thoughts below!