Would Madison Prewett and Colton Underwood make a good couple?

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Colton Underwood and Madison Prewett–yay or nay?

Colton Underwood has recently become single after splitting from Cassie Randolph, just a little over a year of being together. If we look back to his time as the Bachelor and how he and Cassie left the show, some might say they saw it coming. I say, things happen, and life is unpredictable.

Yet, fans and trolls alike have been voicing their opinion regarding the breakup and it certainly took a toll on Cassie who took a break from social media for a month. Colton Underwood, on the other hand, seems to be trucking along seemingly fine.

It might be too soon to think about this but Bachelor Nation is already thinking about who would make a good match for Colton Underwood. I haven’t heard anything about Cassie as of yet, but there are definitely ideas about who Colton could match up with.

It seems the one and only person that makes sense to Bachelor Nation is Madison Prewett.

Yay or nay?

Why Madison Prewett?

Well, Madison’s claim to fame on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor was her strong faith, something she shares in common with Colton. While Colton infamously was known to be the virgin of his season, opting not to have sex until he found the right person, Madison told Peter that she would seriously reconsider if he decided to be intimate with the other women. And we all know how that turned out.

I think the fact that both Colton and Madison have a strong foundation for their beliefs makes them a good match. When you can unite on something like that, it definitely speaks volumes for a relationship. But that’s not everything.

Personality wise, I could see a match there too. They both have that simple, chill vibe about them that could make things work. Not to mention, they’re both into sports! I can already imagine the types of dates they’d go on, and the type of activities they’d do together.

And lastly, they’re both super family oriented, which is definitely something he connected with Cassie about, who herself is very close to her family. If you follow Madison on social media, you’ve likely seen how close she is to her siblings and parents, and I think that alone would be a positive aspect to this hypothetical relationship.

Of course, this is just fans stanning a couple that doesn’t exist yet, and may never, but I can certainly see why people are thinking about it. Now, I’m curious as to what you all think.

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Yay or nay for a potential Madison Prewett and Colton Underwood relationship?

What are your thoughts on this hypothetical romance? Tell us in the comments below!