The Bachelor: 3 awkward hometown dates we won’t forget

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The Bachelor

We’re reliving some of the most awkward hometown dates on The Bachelor!

The Bachelor has certainly give us unforgettable moments over the years ranging from contestants slapping the leads, to leads jumping fences, to leads just picking someone for the heck of it. But perhaps the moments that never quite leave our minds are the hometown dates.

I feel like I often forget about a season as a whole but I never forget those awful hometown dates that make me cringe all over. The Bachelor’s history spans 18 years but in recent years we’ve seen some particularly awkward hometown dates take place.

In honor of those spine tingling, “yikes, did that really just happen” hometown dates, we are looking back at three of the most memorable ones. Of course, there are many, many more, and I encourage you to share your favorites in the comments below!

Peter Weber & Victoria Fuller

Oh gosh, this The Bachelor hometown date was horrible all around. It’s probably the most recent one to date that caused Bachelor Nation to gasp and cringe all at the same time. I still remember how I felt when this hometown date took place, and I don’t think I’ve ever gotten over it.

It’s no surprise that Victoria F. and Peter’s relationship was an emotional rollercoaster the entire season. It was a toxic connection to begin with but somehow, she made it all the way to the top 3 women. It was perhaps her hometown date in Virginia Beach, however, that really turned things around for Peter (if he was seriously considering her that is).

Before meeting Victoria’s family, Peter and her had a pretty solid day out–until he “bumped into” an ex-girlfriend who had some hot tea to spill about the woman he was dating–someone she had mutual friends with. Apparently, Victoria had a reputation for breaking up marriages, and this ex wanted to make sure Peter knew about it before making any commitment.

When Peter confronted Victoria about this, she threw a fit for the ages over the insinuation he was making. Does anyone else remember feeling so annoyed at the things she was saying to Peter? Things that made no sense.

In any case, Peter never actually went inside her house to meet the family, and all we got were awkward shots of the family waiting for them inside. Yes, folks, The Bachelor certainly does give us all sorts of drama–but this moment, I’ll likely never forget.